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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Astrology Emroidered 1960's Blouse:Inherited.
White Quilted Crossbody: Thrifted.
Tan Trench: Kohl's (literally the oldest item I have in my wardrobe).
Cream Loafers: Forever21.
Pleated Skirt: c/o Lulu*s.

This blouse must be the most unique, out of the ordinary vintage piece I've ever owned. I got a huge amount of vintage clothing from an elderly woman cleaning out her house last spring, and this blouse was in there. At first, I put it in the donation pile thinking it was just an ordinary white blouse...and then I saw how spectacular it really was. It has embroidery down the placket with little astrological signs in a gorgeous peachy shade. SO ADORABLE. The little edged peter pan collar caught my attention, as well, and I was willing to look past the few rust stains to salvage this one of a kind beauty. Wish there was my own sign, the Leo, on it...but then again, we Leos always think we're the most important *rolls eyes*

I do wish these photos would have turned out better though, but the wind literally just blew me away while I was taking them, thus I look like a mess. Eh, oh well. It was such a lovely day of thrifting with my mother and I was incredibly lucky; but not for myself actually! I happened upon (I know I always say this but I mean it this time) the most decadently beautiful vintage piece I've ever found. A mint condition, baby pink, lace 1960's prom dress. Oh.my.word. She is so beautiful. A gorgeous satin bow ties at the waist and a mirroring one at the bottom, with a shift shape and slightly darted bust. I want her all for myself, but that's selfish since she's a size two and I am 1) definitely not a size two and 2) definitely not going to prom again. I contemplated just keeping it to display on my wall, but that would be awful--she deserves a good home and wearer! I'll be putting it up in the shop, but I'm not really sure when. I will let you all know though!

And the second item I got was another 60's ditty--an adorable little camel colored swing coat with a leopard collar! Oh, it's enough to make Anna Karina go mad. Such a darling coat and it does fit me, but I just don't find it super flattering on my pear shaped body. I want it to find a good home, also!

I hope you all are doing lovely...I just wish I could talk about vintage clothing all day and surround myself with it every second... ♥

With much love, Lauren.
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