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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Cat to Your Meow.

Cat Dress: Modcloth.
Black Leather Jacket: H&M.
Bow Belt: Aeropostale.
Loafers: Thrifted.
Heart Tights: c/o OASAP.

Hi there!

Lately I've been really tired for no reason and spending a lot of time sleeping. I'm not behind on my sleep and I'm not depressed. I just love to sleep and always feel sleepy. My love for it is definitely not healthy and prevents me from getting a lot done during my days. I used to think it was my medication I was on, but it's been years now since I've started and the sleepiness has never really gone away. I'm not joking when I say that I could sleep all day. It's like, no matter how much I sleep, I will still be tired in a few hours. It frustrates me because I would get so much more done if I didn't sleep constantly, and it makes me feel incredibly lazy. I try fighting it most days, but I truly can't remember the last time I went without taking a nap of some sort during the day. I know things will get better though as winter comes to a close and the temperatures begin rise again. The cold just has such a way of making me want to stay in bed forever.

In other news, I went to a local ladies/blogger clothing swap today! My first one so it was really interesting and fun. I was able to give away some of my clothes to a better home, and welcomed in some new pieces. One thing I'll miss when I leave Kent after I graduate is the online community up here. They're just such rad ladies and always so welcoming + I have a lot in common with them. Hope to find these sort of communities wherever I go in life! x

With much love, Lauren.


Katie Selt said...

It could still be your medicine!
I used to take an antidepressant from age 12 to 19, and I was always tired. Now that I've been off for almost 2 years, I've been less tired, even though I'm a lot more active than I was.

I love sleep, too. I don't nap often, but I'm famous for going to bed at midnight and waking up at noon or later. When I was still at college, I would often oversleep and have to make up classes. I had to let professors know that my medication made me sleep through alarms so that they didn't think i was purposely skipping.

That dress is so adorable! You look great!


strwbrryflds4evr said...

I enjoy sleeping too. I can sleep all day, and still feel sleepy by bedtime. I don't like wasting my day away with sleep, but guess my body and mind need it sometimes. Its weird.

Unknown said...

Glad you have found a like-minded group of ladies to share with and be a part of. Very cool!

And yes, the winter cold can make one want to sleep the day away for sure. Look at bears for goodness sakes :) Do hope you are OK though, dear. Make sure you are taking time to just fully experience your feelings and anything else your body might be trying to tell you.

Adorable is a word that will likely be used a dozen times at least on here to describe that outfit and why not. It is awfully adorable indeed. The cat dress and the little bow around the belt are very cute and those heart tights are wonderful. Both the closeup of them and the next shot show them (and your amazing, double-wow legs) off so well :) And then that closeup of you is just outstanding. Such a beauty and so sweet!

Unknown said...

I think that has to be one of my favourite dresses of yours Lauren! It is so gorgeous.

I have been the same with sleeping recently, too. I just want to sleep in all the time, but I usually fight it otherwise I feel I waste too much of the day. But then I just feel tired throughout the day! It's very frustrating and I understand how you're feeling.

It's so cool that you have an online community at Kent! I don't think my university does...it would be amazing though, being surrounded by like minded ladies and bloggers

xx Carina

Anonymous said...

Ugh, feeling sleepy all the time is the worst. Have you talked to your doctor about it? He or she can send for some labs. It could be the medication, some nutritional deficiency, thyroid problem - all things that, once identified, may be solved.

Anonymous said...

I am the same way. I can sleep all day and still feel tired at the end of the day. I've been this way for as long as I can remember. It even got to a point where it was causing problems in my marriage. My doctor said it could be my thyroid, so he ordered a blood test for me. Turns out it wasn't a thyroid problem, but severe vitamin D deficiency! I just started taking Vitamin D supplements, so hopefully I will feel better soon. So make sure to check with your doctor.

Emmy said...

I love the dress with those heart tights. Reminds me of valentines day. ;)

Forwhichtheheartbeats said...

Doctors do suspect thyroid if you feel lethargic or constantly sleepy for a prolonged period. I have thyroid and I went through a phase where I was feeling the need to sleep all the time. Thats over now but I do feel exhausted easily. It does not necessarily have to be thyroid though and could very well be due to the cold climate. It is so difficult to tear yourself up from the bed when it is so cozy inside :)
On the outfit, it is a mixture of sweet and sexy. That leather jacket and that belt are gorgeous and your dress with the cat print is so cute.

jaela lopez said...

Such a cute look. love it

Kailey said...

You seem to be more and more beautiful each new post I see!

And your commentary about being tired all the time sounds very familiar - I feel like that a lot and like I could fall asleep literally whenever, it's so frustrating and definitely interferes with how productive I am :/

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