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Saturday, February 8, 2014

January Outfits.

Hello everyone! ♥

Although I know these probably aren't the most interesting posts on the blog, I love to do little outfit reviews at the end of each month. February is edging along quite nicely for me, so it's about time I got up all of my January outfits!

January was a hard month and it felt very...long. Very, very long indeed. Temperatures reached the coldest I've ever been through, but somehow I still managed to take the most outfit photos of any month ever? 19?! I sacrificed through the cold days but did wear a lot of pants-- also the most I've ever worn in a month on the blog, 6 different times. It didn't really make me happy to wear pants so often, but I came to not mind them as much after sporting them throughout January. It was my goal many times in 2013 to wear more pants and it never really happened...so all it took was some super below 0 weather to get me to my goal, ha!

I'm hoping that February is much easier on me weather wise, but I am proud that I remained inspired and came up with a lot of outfits I really liked in January. I think for February I'd like to try to dress...warmer. I complain, complain, complain about the cold here and I should be embracing the current season and dressing for it. Because I know in July I'll be wanting all of these layers back! I hope to experiment with layering more this month and see what I can come up with. x

Favorite outfit: Cat Attack.
Least favorite outfit: Last Minute Lauren.

With much love, Lauren.

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Kezzie said...

Oh how I love that beautiful pink coat! It's so pretty!
I was so happy today-I thrifted a gorgeous swing coat in black with red piping- it was 2 sizes too big but it's perfect size wise and so nice and different from anyone else's coat!
I meant to ask- hope that all the stuff that was stressing you out is sorted now!x

Miche said...

I love your outfit roundup posts (so much so that I totally stole the idea from you - dont hate me for it!) heading over to enter the giveaway now

and ps the cat attack outfit was my fav too :)

Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

Ellie Balangue said...

great idea. would probably do the same. loving all those outfits though! :)

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