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Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweetest Day of the Year.

Vintage Pink 1950's Dress: The Bomb Shelter in Akron.
Pink Loafers, Earrings, Belt: Thrifted.
Lipstick in MAC's Please Me with Smart Bomb Lipgloss in Super Freak.


The sweetest day of the year is finally here and I'm over the moon excited. I've been counting down the days! Valentine's is just a beautiful holiday. I am so full of joy seeing all of the love in the world through all of the social media posts, happenings on campus, and even in my own life, too. I received a surprise little package yesterday from my family in the mail. It was filled with Valentine's Day goodies and sweets, and I was so overwhelmed with gratitude towards all of them. They love me so much it's unreal and I feel like such a lucky girl who's so incredibly undeserving. It stinks to not be able to see them today, but I'm greatly looking forward to going home next weekend for my father's birthday! 

I've also been waiting a good month to wear this dress. I wanted its debut to be special, and it can't get any more special than Valentine's Day! I love it to pieces and feel so pretty in it--can't wait to have lots of adventures with her this spring and summer.

This evening I'm going out with some gals for Mexican food; it's going to be a real treat! 

I am blessed with so much this Valentine's Day it is overwhelming. I hope your day is equally as filled with love and happiness. x

With much love, Lauren.


Modern June Cleaver said...

I've seriously heard so many amazing things about The Bomb Shelter that I'm going to be taking a road trip VERY soon! This is the perfect debut for this adorable dress, and you look great in it!

Happy Valentine's Day, sweet lady!


Bekah said...

I am stealing your dress! ;) ♥

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Charmaine said...

You look so darling! Love this look from head to toe.

Anonymous said...

sooo pretty! happy valentine's day!


Brenda said...

I ♥ reading your blog!
I'm not sure how you do it, but this place is a great quiet escape from my hectic and stressful student life in Asia! :)
Thanks so muchh!

Madison Martine said...

Happy Valentine's Day!! I love this dress! It's perfect for today!!

Madison Martine

Unknown said...

That dress is just so lovely and beautiful, just like you! I hope that you have such a lovely Valentine's Day and great weekend home with your family!


Alexandra Marie said...

Super cute dress! Happy Valentine's Day! Alex


Kezzie said...

Very pretty Lauren. Hope your Mexican was fun. I enjoyed some fun yesterday too! X

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

Oh gosh Lauren, you looks SO beautiful :) Your hair looks amaaaazing, did you do this yourself?

I hope you had a great time out with your friends. It sounds like you had a fun night planned! xo

Emmy said...

What a lovely outfit! You look perfect, Lauren. ;)

Kailey said...

So beautiful Lauren!

Unknown said...

This dress is absolutely wonderful! I just love that your Valentine outfit is full of light pink. It's adorable. I really like the ruffled detailing on the bodice of this dress and how wonderfully your shoes match the color of your dress. Super pretty. I hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful!

Elliementary, My Dear said...

Love how your dress, belt, and shoes all match. And that rosey pink color is so pretty on you :)

Kalie said...

Happy valentines day! That dress is impeccable!


Kalie H.


Hannah | The Outfit Repeater said...

That dress is so beautiful! I can see why it is so special to you. Hope you and your gal pals had a great night. :)

Zika Vica said...

I'm in love with your dress. <3

Sammi said...

This dress is a DREAM and you look absolutely perfect. I hope you had a beautiful Valentine's Day, my sweet friend!

xox Sammi

Caity said...

Oh my goodness that is a beautiful dress!

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