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Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Just Tired I Guess.

The days when I used to delight in fresh snow falls are long past now. Every time I hear the new mention of another possible snow my heart sinks lower, lower, lower.

 I'm just tired I guess. 

I'm so weary and my body so heavy and full of aches. The novelty of winter has worn off and all that's left is slush and salt stained boots. 

I try to remain positive but it's hard. Day in and day out getting up only to realize that I must trek through campus all day into the bitterness outside. The brutal cold stings still even though my face hasn't see real sunlight in so many months, my fingers haven't been warm in what feels like an eternity. My love of taking outfit photos stripped from me because of the harsh winds that blow me away, the ice I slip on, and the numbness in my fingers by the end. At this point, no amount of warm dressing even helps. Inspiration has run dry and clothes become just a part of you rather than a form of self-expression any more. The cold seems to have made a permanent residence into my body. My thoughts feel so muddy and grey; indistinguishable from one another and just a jumble of emotions. And sometimes even lacking that.

I am weary and longing for spring with every ounce of my being. Please deliver it soon, God.

With much love, Lauren. 
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