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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Extra Whipped Topping.

Orange Lace Dress: Fig Leaf (here in Kent).
White Blouse: Forever21.
Black Bow Belt: Aeropostale.
Boots: Thrifted.
Lipstick in Lime Crime's Cosmopop.

Hi there ♥

It seems God does answer prayers and took into consideration my request for a little bit of spring. It may not look like it, but it was 43 degrees today which was seriously delightful. I was able to wear this outfit with no trouble, and the sun peeking out here and there was such a wonderful gift. 

Money is always such a frightful issue as a college student. It seems like I'm forever applying for scholarships to help out against the pile of bills for books ($450 in just rented used this semester!), necessities, and all the other mishaps that come along the way. I am incredibly lucky that my parents help me out with most of my finances, but that only brings on another burden of guilt in them giving up so much to help me out. Sometimes though money makes you have to sacrifice things that you don't necessarily want to, but you just have to. I've been somewhat bummed that I had to turn down an awesome opportunity where I was invited to speak on a blogger panel in Wisconsin. It's always been a sort of 'dream' of mine to do something like this, and I fantasized right away about the whole opportunity. But when it came down to thinking about flights, taxi rides, hotel, and food...I realized that it just wasn't plausible--especially with me going to Italy in less than a year. I need every dollar I can save.

It is a disappointment not to be able to go, but I know it's a part of a greater plan and I would have felt burdened by the amount of money it would cause me to be set back by. I feel selfish for even wanting such a trip like when as I said, my parents provide so much for me and I just never feel like I could repay them... Another opportunity perhaps will pop up in the future when the time is right ♥

With much love, Lauren.

P.S. Thanks for everything about yesterday, guys. You already know this, but you're the best.
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