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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Life's Snapshots #40.

I haven't seen a flower in so long.

This is where I live. An icy cold tundra of Northern Ohio.

Had the best Valentine's Day with my lady friends.

The surprise package from my family. I cried.

Saw these and had to buy them. Dead.

Had a buy one get one free deal for Starbucks and asked a few different friends if they wanted to go, I would treat them. No one could so I went by myself and gave the free drink to a random person. Best feeling ever

 Been missing my home town oh so much.

My vintage baby for only $15.

Italy: 6 months.

The big Kent v. Akron game with one of my favorites. We won in the last four seconds!!

Darn Target $1 section making me buy cute trays.

This mini pie was everything.

Give me everything red.

Donuts for breakfast always.

Should have bought this Valley of the Dolls record.

Instagram will always be my favorite. Capturing these little bits that make me happy just makes the days go by easier and with more inspiration. You can follow along with me with @passingwhimsies!

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

I love your Instagram posts - they are always just so cute!


Modern June Cleaver said...

Absolutely love these round up posts, because you take the BEST photos! I need a camera so badly haha


Anonymous said...

Love all of these! Girl, your smile is perfection <3
And also, had to comment and say that this map is kinda old, no? Yugoslavia? hahaha :)

Sophie said...

Ah I've always wanted to go to Italy! If only for the pizza. One day ill make it! Florence is top of my list!

Kezzie said...

Italy IS cool!! Though the transport system sucked on our honeymoon!! Florence was better than Lake Como though!!
Aha, random giving of coffee-yes, R.A.O.K are great.

Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

Oh my gosh, that dress is stunning, and for $15? You lucky lady! My family also sent me a super sweet Valentine's package. My three little sisters enclosed notes to me. It warmed my heart.

Ruby Sterland said...

I love your instagram so much! It's so cute how you gave someone that coffee, aaaw! Also, love those iced cookies! I might make some x


Laura from Georgia! said...

I LOVE your blog and I am so sorry you are getting HATER comments! How rude!! You should realize that it comes from your growing popularity and fame. Some people just cannot stand seeing a pretty girl, who enjoys the small, beautiful things in life. They just want to rain on your lovely parade. As for me, I find your blog and your fashion sense INSPIRING! Please don't quit blogging. Turn off the comments, and just focus on expressing yourself! You have the whole world ahead of you, and so many adventures to be had. Enjoy every minute! This comes from a 31 year old woman who has found a new zest for fashion and beauty thanks to you! Much, much respect to you! Stay sweet and classy and ENJOY the ride and all of God's blessings on your life <3 :-)

Anonymous said...

You should come visit Florida! It's going to be in the 80's tomorrow! But the temps have been constantly back and forth this year. Cold one day and hot the next. I can't imagine living in the cold for months at a time with no reprieve. Your "cold weather" outfits are way cuter than I can manage in double the temps!

Kezzie said...

I can't remember what my comment was on that post but I am very sorry if I personally offended you in any way with whatever I said. Hoping you get a reprieve soon. x

Joana said...

Hey Lauren,
I have been following your blog for some time now and I just wanted to say don't let anybody get to you like that. When people leave ugly, rude or cruel comments all they're really doing is showing you that they're not happy within them selves. You are beautiful and you're outfits are always so lovely. I just love coming to your blog and being swept away by your bright, flowery and sweet outfits. Stay strong and remember that it only reflects on their personal uglyness and not yours.

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