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Friday, September 14, 2012

Along The Water Line.

This is a song a friend of mine wrote for me while I was going through my break up this summer. It was so incredible because she nailed everything I was feeling without...you know, being me and knowing exactly what all I thought and went through. She is really incredible and I thought I'd share the lyrics with you all tonight. It's helped me get through a lot of this lately and in the past few months. It's really special to me.

There's a girl I used to know,
didn't know where she would go.
She was standing at the crossroads of life,
afraid she'd never be good enough,
as a daughter, sister, lover, wife.
There were days she felt like giving in,
not feeling good enough, wearing thin.
But oh, is she beautiful.

and one day she told me, along the water line
'maybe things aren't right, but they're going to be fine'

Because when I cry I get stronger
and I'll go on a little longer.
I'm not going down, down without a fight.
I don't care if I'm wrong,
I know in my heart I'm doing
what's right 

There's a girl I used know
don't know how someone could hurt her
prettier than pictures
dancing 'round in meadows
and smiling all alone
I know she'd pray to God
to make her better
and I hope someday he'll let her
I know she'll be okay
and oh is she beautiful

I'll be back with an outfit post tomorrow ❤
With much love, Lauren.


Et tu, tutu? said...

What a sweet friend! Lovely song.


K. said...

This song is so beautiful!

Willow said...

This is such a lovely song, I'd love to know the tune. Your friend was so sweet to write this for you.

Maggie Craig said...

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Ronald Garcia said...

What a sweet friend! Lovely song. -Lindsey

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