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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Floral Blouse, White Quilted Bag: Thrifted.
Pink Beret: Target.
Bunny Shoes: Le Bunny Bleu.
Mint Jeans: Charlotte Russe.

I just miss my best friend.

With much love, Lauren.

P.S. I did an interview with sweet Leah of The Wallflower who asked me all sorts of interesting questions I've never answered before in an interview. Check it out here.


Midwest Muse said...

such pretty colors!!!

Vicki said...

Ooh, I love your mint pants! They're so cute with that shirt!


Unknown said...

Aww this outfit is just so cute. I love all the pastel colors paired together and I'm pretty much in love with your pink beret. Should I come upon a pink beret, I am going to buy it immediately!

Et tu, tutu? said...

Cute outfit! Mint jeans are on my wishlist and you look great in them! :)


K. said...

So lovely look!

marcia said...

i.need.your.bunny.shoes, okay? love the pastel colors in here!

Rebecca said...

Just totally adorable! I love the whole look! Beautiful colors and the bunny shoes are to die for!


TaNuja said...

I have been out only for a week and You have update so so many things...

I have missed so much out... :'(

Loved!!!1 Loved your outfit and you.


Blakleyngqb said...

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