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Monday, September 24, 2012

Peek Inside My Dorm!

I'm a little slow getting around to it, but here's a peek into my dorm room! I've made it literally my dream space to live in that I couldn't ask for anything else. Feminine, organized, romantic, and well....dreamy! I have the top bunk and I have Christmas lights strung around the bed post so I can write in my journal at night while Audrey looks down from above. On the other wall by my bed I have my motto for the year 'dream' in word cut outs with stick on clouds and glow in the dark stars going up to the ceiling. I love to look at them when I pray at night. My bed is super comfy- more so than the one I have at home!

I have all of my dresses and such hung up in my closet with my heels displayed down below. In drawers I have my pants/skirts and in the drawer below that I keep all of my flats. My desk area is the perfect place for inspiration yet getting work done and I love having a bulletin board above to pin my favorite magazine clippings and words that I keep close to my heart. 

I keep all my jewelry on a cute tree sitting atop my dresser and have all of my perfumes, trinkets, and sentimental items sitting there, too. My makeup is organized in the drawers of the storage unit; all by type of product (lipsticks forever being my favorite drawer). The first week of school I bought a movie posters of The Notebook and the famous World War II kiss to adorn my walls. 

My hamper looks like a washer which is pretty much the most adorable thing ever, and I keep all of my food (aka junk food) atop a shelving cubical which organizes my towels and such. I had to be weird and color coordinate them all!

To be honest I don't miss my home. I miss the people at home (my family and kitty cat), but not the actual place. It brings me too much sadness and I end up crying too much when I go home. Memories haunt the place and unexpected momentous that I haven't gotten rid of are always popping up all over the place. I wish I had a metal detector to collect them all at once so I never have to have the pain brought up. But then again, it's not just items that remind me; it's everything. And you certainty can't get rid of everything.

With much love, Lauren.


marcia said...

aww. your space is so cute. love your bed and your dream poster on your wall.

Britney @ Scout and Company said...

Ah your place is so pretty! I love love love it! I can not wait to get my own space. The independence and freedom!! But presently I like living I'm good being at home :)

kaila mo said...

i love your dorm, it looks so cute!!! everything is so organized and just dran adorable i love it! and those nude flats with the tassels...love. them. :)

Camille said...

I love your dorm room! It is so cute! I can't wait until next year when I will have a dorm room of my own to decorate. Thank you so much for sharing pictures with us because you have given me so many decorating ideas!


Katie Burry said...

Looks like a lovely room! I cannot wait to get my room all organized and finishing decorating it. <3

Let's skype soon!!!

Unknown said...

I absolutely ADORE the how you decorated with the word, dream! It looks so good-I might do something like that!

Freshman year is so much fun! I hope it's all going well for you :)

On a random note, I had the same bedding last year! I love how bright and cheery it is!

xo, gina

Anonymous said...

Your dorm looks so cute! Getting to decorate your own space is so fun. And it does look dreamy. I love those little clouds on the wall. Those are super cute! <3

The Love Hanger

Et tu, tutu? said...

Cute room! Your dorm looks way nicer than mine. :P


Unknown said...

Yay! I love seeing these glimpses of your dorm. I really need to get mine up soon!


Marisa Noelle said...

Darling and whimsical Lauren...just like you :) Actually, the way you've decorated your dorm reminds me so much of how I did mine...down to the clouds & same Audrey Hepburn poster. I wish I had a photo to show you because it's uncanny! xo Marisa

TaNuja said...

such a beautiful dorm. Oraganised and pretty. You have inspired me for some new creations.



Jeannee said...

I love this - so colorful! so you! You save napkins too I see :) Love that laundry bag !

shay said...

Wow I love your dorm! its so colorful:) i'm a total creep in that I always want to see everyone's dorms, but to me its fascinating- each room starts the same,yet evolves into something that's such a statement of the individual living there.

I understand what you say about going home-I'm a freshman too, and its sad to go back and see my family and all the memories. It will get better though, not as painful and more nostalgic :)

I love following your college experience! its great to read fellow bloggers in the same boat xx

a thousand million words

Katarina said...

great photos.

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Sasha said...

What a cute stuff! Love how you managed yuor shoes!

Sampada said...

Wow, props to you for making a DORM room so magical and cozy :)


Kristian said...

Your place looks darling. Especially that hamper!

Kezzie said...

It looks a lovely space, so many nice details- the hamper is hilarious! Love it! The clouds are cute also! I had stars on the ceiling of my uni bedroom too!

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

Your dorm is so very cute! I'm glad to hear that you're settled in and enjoying it <3



Southern (California) Belle

ftashion said...

You have such a darling dorm and u are so neat! My fav section would be the snacks area! Haha, nom nom.


Teddi said...

i suddenly feel like i need more lipstick in my life. can you guess why? i'm digging the dream with the clouds decoration. :)

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