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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life's Snapshots #19.

 So winning bunny shoes in a giveaway was pretty much the best thing that ever happened me.

Drowning my sorrows out into Italian. 

Gurlz night painting nails with some of my college friends!

Cliche fair fun in the last weeks of summer.

Best day of my life. 

Hot air balloon from welcome weekend at college (that I didn't ride lolz).

♥ Eeeeee ♥

Antiques get me a going. 

Matching pastries to my outfits!

Sweet treats with my grandma.

Beautiful new baubles c/o Style Queen! 
Telling my kitty cat goodbye....It killed me :(

My dreamy dorm room; more pictures to come soon! 

Me and the unofficial Kent mascot!

Kent at night. 

Audrey Hepburning my room up.

Oh hello! 
I've been quite behind on keeping up with my 'life's snapshots' posts, so some of these pictures were from my remaining weeks of summer back home, and some are from my new life here at Kent! I always have something silly to instagram about, so if you want you can follow me with @passingwhimsies

With much love, Lauren.

P.S. I'm blogging from back home! Eeee, so excited to be home for the weekend 


Inês de Castro said...

I love the bunny shoes. Lucky you! I'll add you on instagram :)

Bramblewood Fashion said...

Oh my! Those bunny shoes are simply adorable!

Bramblewood Fashion

Andreea♥ said...

Gorgeous bunny shoes! kisses

Camille said...

Your bunny shoes are so adorable! I bet you are going to get so many compliments on them. Also, what exactly is Style Queen?


Andreia said...

I just find out your blog and I fell in love: It's SO CUTE! Your gorgeous and these pictures are adorable.

Midwest Muse said...


Also your last post, I'm sorry :( I swear everything gets better!

Et tu, tutu? said...

Oh, I just about died when I had to say goodbye to my cat when I left for school. :(

I get to see him in about a month though! I mean, never mind my mom or anyone else...I just miss my cat. ;)


Britney @ Scout and Company said...

Oh that all looks sooo dreamy! I am sure things will; no. I know things will get better soon. You are as amazing as you were then :) most likely even more!!!

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