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Friday, September 7, 2012

Call Me Maybe.

Chambray Top: Thrifted.
Black Pleated Skirt: Forever21.
Leopard Flats, Black Beret: Target.
Red Envelope Clutch: c/o OASAP.

It's funny how some things come so unexpectedly, when you're leas expectant or ready. Today was the first day in my entire 19 years a boy has asked me for my phone number.

I was a bit shocked at first. Being in a relationship for five years since I was thirteen really gave me an nontraditional experience of relationships and dating growing up. I still feel thirteen in many ways when it comes to boys; I don't understand them and don't feel like I ever will.

I was flattered and shocked to be asked for my number. It was definitely a confidence booster because here at Kent, I feel like every single girl is more attractive, more fashionable, and more personable than myself. That's just how it goes when you go to a 26,000 student school.

But as much as I want to be happy about this small gesture of kindness (and you all are going to kill me) but I just can't move on quite yet and take that step. I'm not ready, and it has nothing to do with not being over Matt. For me, I just want some time to explore, find myself, and enjoy this college experience with no inhibitions. I don't want to be looking and worrying over boys. I want to find out and (as selfish as it sounds) do some things for myself for once. I've made a person my everything for so long and I'm not ready to jump into that again.

I know I should give things a shot, see where things go, be opened minded...but for me I'm content where I am and in good time I'll be ready for 'all that.' Right now I just want to explore learning, friendships, and myself. All of this is so exciting and new and I don't want to waste a second of it.

So perhaps someday, just not right now, a guy can 'call me maybe.' ❤

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

GAHH! That is so exciting! But, I completely and totally understand about not feeling ready yet. And it is definitely not selfish to do something for yourself. AT ALL. But, I agree, I bet that was a great confidence boost. :)

Your outfit is adorable by the way. I'm loving that clutch!


marcia said...

aww. so cute. now I have call me maybe in my head.

TaNuja said...

ohooo ;)

You are very right here and true :)

Make lots of frens there
Make few awesome frens
and be a best fren to yourself...


Georgia said...

That's lovely Lauren!! And I'm sure that you are the nicest, most beautiful girl with the best fashion sense!!

Sara said...

oh lauren your looking absolutely gorgeous! your outfit is adorable!


Inês de Castro said...

Last week I went clubbing and 4 or 5 guys hit on me (this has never happened to me before) :p I think it was a good decision, it's good for you to be alone for a while. I love the outfit, btw. The flats ar really cute :)

Ashley Holloway said...

I don't think enough girls can appreciate being single, I'm glad you're willing to try it out! :) Being independent can be a wonderful thing!

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

What guy wouldn't want you? I agree with your reasons for not wanting to take it any further though, it's a lovely compliment but if you don't want to be in a relationship then it would be cruel to lead the poor boy on. Besides, you've spent years worrying and caring for someone else, I think it is great you are giving yourself some time to be selfish xo

Jana K said...

Somehow I'm not surprised, Lauren. You're such a pretty lovable gal, I'm positive many boys would of course have their eye on you!!

Love that skirt :)


R said...

I like the way you writing things Lauren! I can't say that I understand you right, because I'm not you and nobody is not you. But I think that I can imagine me in your situation. If I was you, I would do the same thing. Because it's important to take care himself. If you don't care, nobody will bother you! I think it's rigt that you listning you heart and walk on the path that feels right.

PS. Nice outfit and you are good at the color combination of your chosen clothes.
Goodluck Lauren!!!



Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

I think it's an amazing decision to take time to be single, experience your new life, and become happy being you before dating someone.

However, keep in mind that friendship with people of all genders, beliefs and orientations will also enrich your life. In my opinion you should never shut the door on a potential friendship just because you are not ready to be romantic. Just be clear and honest in who you are and what you want.

P.S. If Kent girls dress anything like college girls in my town (where we have two big colleges) you are definitely more stylish than them all combined!

Unknown said...

I don't think getting asked for your number ever gets old. Its definitely a confidence booster. ;) Love this outfit.. the shoes especially!!

Unknown said...

That is a great confidence booster! :) I hope you enjoy your time being single though, God has great plans for you dear :)


aki! said...

I feel like in college, guys are more forward than in High School. I went to a much bigger school than you do and there's just less risk in being forward to someone you'll likely never see again.

Teddi said...

there is absolutely nothing wrong with you enjoying, & taking time for yourself! i actually think that's healthy. :)

Unknown said...

That's perfectly alright to want to be on your own for a while! You'll grow a lot within these next few years, so it's good to get to know yourself.
That's really exciting that a boy asked for your number though. It won't be the last time, I guarantee it! You always look so pretty all the boys probably want your number!

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