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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I am now, as of 9:57 this evening, officially a nineteen year old gal.

I had the loveliest day. There were moments that weren't so lovely, but I think sometimes one builds up their birthday to be this perfect, untouchable, magical day where the world stops for you. Well, it certainty doesn't. But despite all of the 'normal life' happenings today, I had a beautiful birthday. Here's what I did.

I woke up at 9:30 from the most peaceful slumber. I got dressed in the most beautiful frock in the world. A mint green, lace, vintage inspired dress. I curled my hair (which fell flat in 15 minutes tops), put my makeup on carefully, and slid on my highest, sparkly heels. My mom *who luckily got the day off work because Prez. Obama was in town 'for my birthday ;)' *, sister, and I went to Starbucks where I got my first ever Venti. By golly was the chocolate cookie frap good.

Checked out some boutiques that have caught my eye for awhile (but I never buy anything), picked my grandmother up, who surprised me with the most beautiful bouquet of roses- my favorite flowers. We headed off to Panera for a delicious lunch and then to good ole' Cheddar's to pick up my last tips. Next to the party store we went and I purchased a few balloons to match my outfit and take photos with.

I went out to take pictures in the blazing heat, sweating to death in my beautiful dress (the poor thing). They turned out wonderful, and I just wanted to show you all a sneek peek in this post! The rest shall be up tomorrow :)

Dying of thirst I trudged back home to pick up with my cake with my mother and of course slurp on a sweet tea. We had a little birthday party then back at my house with close family and a delicious cake. White with white icing, of course! We ate on pretty butterfly plates + napkins and watched the Olympics.

When I blew out my 19 candles tonight, I made the most important wish of my life. I wish I could tell you, but if I did then it wouldn't come true. And I certainty want it to! It's the most important thing I could ever wish for and dream. Something I've been wanting for awhile. It's tangible, but not touchable. It can be felt, but not described. I can't tell you all when and if it'll come true...but if it does I'll let you know

Tomorrow I go back to being regular old Lauren. The magic dust of a birthday settling around me. Another year gone by, but another step closer to being the girl I dream and hope to be.

With much love, Lauren.

P.S. I wanted to give you all a little treat in honor of my birthday. If you plan on purchasing anything from my 'shop my closet' store in the next week (until August 8), use the code 19BDAY to get 20% off!


Anonymous said...

First one to comment! Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!! Oh my goodness it sounds like you had a gorgeous day! I can't wait to see your photos tomorrow and have a wonderful rest of your evening! I dearly hope your wish comes true :)

Beaucoup Bisous

Emily xx


Jana K said...

Happy 19th :) You are so lovely, I wish you the best.

Sounds like a beautiful day. I love Birthdays. <3


Imaginary Confetti Club said...

Happy 19th birthday!
Sounds like an awesome day!

Just think, next year you will be 20!

TaNuja said...

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day :)

May all your wishes come true :)

Tanuja \m/

abigail grace said...

Happy Birthday, Lauren!
I love that picture so much, as well as your dress!

SM said...

Happy Birthday, Lauren! Last "teen" year enjoy it! May your all wishes come true!

bethy said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
I love that dress, I can't wait to see more photos!
I hope you have a wonderful 19th year.
Beth xx

Charlotta, Afternoon Apparel said...

Such a gorgeous dress! Happy birthday! xo

Et tu, tutu? said...

Mocha cookie crumble! I'm obsessed!

Happy birthday. Looking forward to balloon pictures. :)

Et tu, tutu?

Britney @ Scout and Company said...

This is such a lovely lovely post Lauren and the dress looks stunning on you!!
I know I've already said Happy Birthday but it warrants another birthday wish! Happy Birthday Lauren and I hope your wish comes more than true.
Britney of Lemonwood and Honey

Unknown said...

Wow, I can't wait to see the rest of the photos dear Lauren! I wish you an infinity of happy birthdays and all the best for well, everything you encounter as a 19 year old woman!

xx Carina

Sarah Wiki said...

I hope you had a sweet, sweet, love-filled birthday! Happy Birthday!


Sian Thomas said...

Happy birthday Lauren!! You deserve to have such a fantastic day =D This is really the most gorgeous dress and I cannot wait to see the photos!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday pretty girl! Can't wait to see the photos because the teaser one is amazing! I'm glad you had a great day. :) <3


Vicki said...

Happy birthday, Lauren! I love your dress...that color and the lace are marvelous!


Sasha said...

Happy Birthday! I'v loving that dress and pastel baloons! Can;t wait for more pictures!

OrigamiGirl said...

Happy Birthday! Is that the gorgeous mint dress from your shop the other day? I love that one! You look beautifully summery in pastels.
Also, I see working in Cheddar's hasn't put you off eating there at all. :)

Sounds like you had a lovely day and I look forward to seeing the rest of the photos.


R said...

I do not know really who you are. But when I read your posts I feel like that you are very kind person with a lot of thinkings. I think that you are a clever person too. Anyway I like your personality.
I wish you a fabulous and beautiful future!



Laura said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your wish comes true.


Camille said...

Happy birthday Lauren! I hope your birthday was amazing!


Ashley Holloway said...

Happy 19th lovely! <3. I'm glad you had a good day, and that mint green dress is perfect! I hope your wish comes true and that this year is an extra good for you filled with lots of new friendships and adventures :)

K. said...

Happy Birthday!
Stunning dress!

Hanne said...

Happy 19th Birthday! I hope you had a lovely day, and that your wish comes true :)

Emily said...

Happy late birthday Lauren! I'm so glad you had an awesome day, and I definitely hope that your wish comes true!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Lauren! You are a beautiful person, inside and out and I wish you all the best in the world. :-) Love that dress BTW... prettiest color!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Lauren! I'm glad that you had such a wonderful day! I cannot wait to see what all the lovely pictures look like soon! :)


Two Happy Hearts said...

Aww Happy Birthday!! Sounds like the most perfect day. And that dress is gorgeous! Excited to see the rest of the photos ;)

Alyssa Pritchett said...

Very pretty gal! <3


Nerd Burger said...

Glad you had a radical birthday. You deserve it. :)
love the pastel blue dress

Christine said...

AWW! Happy birthday- this looks gorgeous! 19- almost 20...eeep :p
sending you your Mary Kay today, dear!

God bless,

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