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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nice Knowing You.

Floral Dress (worn as a top): Forever21.
T-Strap Heels, Denim Skirt, straw Fedora, White Quilted Bag; Thrifted.

Oh, hello!
Today I went to my county fair. I don't even like fairs. They trigger my OCD. They make me feel scared. But I went because I wanted to go. Because I make no sense.

Fairs are like hidden beauty. They have all of the makings of something really wonderful. Delicious food, cute animals, lots of games, people watching, and adventure. But instead, fairs aren't all that magical (at least in my town). They're nothing like you want and hope them to be. I want it to be this magical, fun place but in reality it's not. It's just a disappointment.

They make fairs look too good in movies. Especially The Notebook.

Anyways, I got my laptop for school yesterday and have been playing around with it quite a bit! It's a Samsung and a beauty at that. I'm always so frustrated when I first get new technology though. I want to run back to my comfort zone and get things done fast and easy. I tried editing and uploading these pictures tonight on the laptop, but it was an epic fail. I don't have the patience for this, but I'm going to need to get some. The little ole' laptop will be all I have at Kent.

I guess I just hate change in all aspects of life.

Hope you all are well tonight! I'm in a strange mood, so don't mind me

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

This outfit is adorable! That skirt is fantastic.

I totally agree with you about the fairs; you build them up in your mind, and then there are just over priced games, kids that are high, and rides that are probably a safety risk. Oh well! I guess it is good thing I live near Hershey.


Carlee, Little Sloth said...

You look so lovely and I agree with you about the fair thing. They are not like the movies at all! But sometimes they can be really fun. I love the outfit!
Almost Endearing

Katie Burry said...

Gorgeous photos! I love your outfit. <3

You should come up here sometime! We can go to Bristol Renaissance Faire- it's not your traditional fair, but it's plenty magical. ;)

TaNuja said...

Loved the dress that is turned into a top. :)

Similar to the blog design. lovely prints n you look b'ful :)

Katie Selt said...

You look absolutely stunning in these!

marcia said...

ahh.. I just got back from my fair. :) I know what you mean, our fair isn't very magical or romantic but it is sweet seeing all the adorable cowboys walking around with their boots and hats and the rodeos, and the competitions.... gorgeous outfit too!

Chrissy88 said...

Yes, the fairs in movies are always better than the real life ones. But I've been to a few that were pretty fun. Usually at night in the fall. I like the livestock displays with all the baby animals the best. Anyway I like those shoes alot. I wish they were easy to find.

Anonymous said...

You are so pretty and beautiful Lauren! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It means so much because you are such an inspiration and a role model. I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy your fair, I actually quite like them, in all their busy, hot, stickyness. Have a lovely day Lauren, you are simply amazing.
X Jane


Mary said...

We never mind you. Remember, those who matter don't mind. ;-)


Katarina said...

lovely outfit <3

following you :)

Unknown said...

So cute :9 lovely dress Xo!

Unknown said...

I haven't been to a fair in so long. Not for years now that I think about it. It used to be so much fun to go with a group of friends in high school but the fair was always super expensive!
You look so pretty in your fair outfit. I love the floral dress worn as a top. The denim skirt looks wonderful with it.

katie said...

Haha, I love fairs! (The fooooood.)
We always go in the mornings before all of the crowds however, I'm not a huge fan of trying to shove and elbow a path down the midway. :P And it's always fun to go see the carfts and the livestock barns, not to mention the horse shows!

These are such cute photos, did you take your tripod to the fair? If so, you are one brave chick, to take photos around that many people! Serious props there. (and the pictures look lovely as always.)

Teddi said...

they also make fairs look good in the movie & book charlotte's web. the last time i went to the fair, in 2010, with my friend. i named my blog post "fair gag me." if you're curious about my experienc. the link to my blog post is below.


Ballenger said...

You look absolutely stunning in these!

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