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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spike One, You're Out.

Spike Black Pumps: TJ Maxx.
Checkard Dress, Vintage White Purse: Thrifted.
Yellow Pea Coat: Forever21.
Black Beret: Target.

So no where in my closet is there a single edgy 'trendy' piece. It's a sea of florals and polka dots. Peter pan collars and decadent lace. Not to mention simple A-line shapes with full skirts. I know what I like when it comes to clothing but apparently I can still shock myself every now and then by buying...

Studded heels?

I cannot tell you why, but I love these shoes to death. I'm still asking myself why I like them, why I bought them, and frankly if I've gone mad. I'm just not an edgy, trendy girl. Never have been, never will be- I don't have it in me. But these shoes, I'm just so drawn to them. They make me feel powerful and confident. A kick a** pair of shoes can do that to a girl.

Can I also mention that they were $10? Yep, pretty much the deal of the century and I am one very, very happy lady. Okay, add crazy along with that!

Anywho, enough shoe lust (because I really could go on forever). I'm getting my blog redone a bit by the lovely Jessica of Midwest Muse who is honestly incredible. An adorable gal, with impeccable style, who does lovely design work. She actually designed my current blog layout! She lives in Ohio and not too far from Kent. Expect many a blogger meet up this coming fall!

Just wanted to let you know that if you see some changes, don't be alarmed. It should all be finished and finalized in a few days. I figured with a new stage of my life starting in a WEEK (can't believe it) my blog should reflect that, as well

Thank you for all of the love and support you give me, as always! Hope you're all well :)

With much love, Lauren.


Anonymous said...

Love the shoes.
Good luck in college, it will be alot of fun!

Laura said...

I like spiked shoes but my boyfriend won't let me get any because he is sure I will injure myself or him!


Camille said...

I never thought that I would see you with spiked heels but I must say, you're rocking them!


Anonymous said...

This outfit is too cute! But edgy with those amazing heels. I love it and it makes me so excited for autumn clothes and lovely little jackets!


Katie Burry said...

Oooh! I love your new shoes and I cannot wait to see your new template! I know it will be gorgeous! <3

Also, I loved talking to you today, too! xo

Unknown said...

AHHH! Those shoes are SO B.A.! Work it girl. Don't you love that shoes can do that to you?! And for $10? No regrets. Strut your stuff girl (Crap. Now I have that old Cheetah Girls song stuck in my head.) :p

Can't wait to see the new layout!


Ali W. said...

Just found your blog and you are seriously THE CUTEST. I love your belt. You are darling and I'm so glad I found your blog! :) Following you!

Anonymous said...

i love these shoes! they are so cool, and i love the way you have mixed your traditional style with these power shoes!
X Jane


Anonymous said...

Aww..Jessica is so sweet! I'm a regular reader of her blog and she does have amazing style. :) I love your checkered dress and the yellow cardigan just pops! And those heels! It's nice to add something fun to your already defined style. :) <3


OrigamiGirl said...

I love this outfit! You look all adorable and soft at the top with your wavy hair and beret (and I mean 'soft' in a nice way, and mostly as an opposite to 'edgy' but just go with it) and then bam! spike shoes! Woo. I am also not usually a fan of spikes, studs etc. They feel too much like what I wore as a teen when I was all into grunge, but with what you are wearing they look really cool. Hope you are taking them to college.

Georgia said...

Loving the shoes and how you have styled them is amazing.



fran said...

your style is very chic
I hope you like my style and my looks... and myabe follow me


Charity said...

Looks great so far! And love the heels. :) I think we all sorta surprise ourselves in that way every once and a while.


Unknown said...

Um yes. Those studded heels are so awesome! I think they'll work wonderfully in your wardrobe. I love a juxtaposition of an edgy piece with a sweet outfit.

Anonymous said...

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