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Monday, August 27, 2012

Learning Along The Way.

The last few days have been really trying on me. Emotionally, physically, mentally. There is an exhaustion that comes with college that I wasn't quite expecting, at least not at first. I guess one of the things I miss most is stabilization in my life, which I seem to have none at the moment. Everything feels semi-permanent. Not really my own yet, not really familiar. I miss familiarity. I miss it a lot.

Last night was hard. My roommate was throwing up and long time readers of my blog know my struggles with OCD and my phobia of getting sick. I couldn't stay in the dorm, as exhausted as I was, but went to a friend's dorm close by and slept on the floor. I was so appreciative of them to let me do that! Leaving the dorm at 8 in the morning though and walking back to my room with a pillow, blanket, ect probably looked pretty incriminating though...I got quite a few giggles and stares as I walked by. Heellloooo one night stand look-alike.

Today it poured rain all day. I mean, poured. it didn't let up, didn't take a break. It poured. I walked to my classes, both a half hour away without an umbrella- which my dim witted brain forgot. It was actually really funny how soaked, dripping water and making a puddle I was. I couldn't help but smile and laugh at myself for looking like I just got out of the shower. Sometimes you have to take things with a grain of salt (or something like that).

Even though the past few days have been some of the hardest days of my life (who knew it was so hard just to take care of yourself), I'm not going to give up on this. I'm not giving up on my dreams and desires and wants because I can't sleep in my dorm, get soaked in a rainstorm, or the multitude of other things that have happened...I know there's going to be good days. I know there's going to be bad days. It takes living through the bad days to really appreciate how wonderful the good days actually are- and I have experienced those here. It's like nothing I've ever felt.

Anyways, tomorrow is a new day. A new chance at a lot of things. And I can say...college hasn't beaten me down yet

With much love, Lauren.


Carlee, Little Sloth said...

Keep your head up girl! It will get easier!

Almost Endearing

Et tu, tutu? said...
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Et tu, tutu? said...

Sounds like a crazy but fun ride! And maybe invest in a cute umbrella and rainboots? :)


Katie Selt said...

Well, at least you still look lovely as ever when you're soaked!
I think everyone's first week of college is unfortunate.
My first week of college, I woke up to a bat in my room, who managed to be able to burrow its way from the roof of the dorm (I lived at the top floor) into my closet and it was flying around the room. Then, my roommate left the window open and we had a horrible thunderstorm and her books and my desk got soaked.
So, no worries! You're going to be fine.


TaNuja said...

Ohh..you look cute :)

I love your always-little-positive-in-the-hardest-time attitude :)

Sending love



Kate said...

it's so amazing, you are soaked head to toe but still manage to look brilliant. love your new header image by the way, who did it?

katie said...

Heh, it does get easier as you get settled in, it can be crazy the first few weeks, but then you get your routine. even though I've been awful about commenting, I do look forward to your posts about college, I've been reading during my free time at night. When I first saw that your roomie was sick on your twitter feed, I got so worried for you, I know that freaks you right out and thats awful it happened right of the bat. (I do hope your roomie is feeling better though, poor thing!) I look forward to more posts and good luck dear!

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's been tough so far! It will get easier though as you settle more into a routine. And you look cute all rain-soaked. I'll never forget the one time I purposefully walked 2 miles in the rain. I had rented a movie from Blockbuster and I didn't feel like driving. It wasn't raining too bad but as always, it started to pour as I walked back. I decided to just take advantage of it and be a kid. I splashed in puddles, kicked the water, and just let the rain fall. It felt good to be carefree. :) <3


Charmaine said...

Aw, I love reading about your uni updates! They make me yearn to be 19 again and heading to school for my first time. Sounds like your first week there has already been a crazy time! Keep on keeping on :).

Unknown said...

It gets better soon, I promise! I forget my umbrella a lot too. Thankfully, my campus is so small. I have taken to leaving on in my backpack and one in my rain boots, so I'm more likely to have one on me. :)


Ashley Holloway said...

I'm so glad to hear you found a friend to stay with! You are already growing and you've only been there a few days, I'm glad you are not letting little bad things discourage your fun! <3

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

Awww, I'm sorry these first couple of days have been tough but I promise it'll get easier as you settle in. If I wasn't so far away I would send you an umbrella. Soon you'll settle in, find a system that works for you and it'll all seem easy. And you always have us lot to complain to when it gets tough! Lots of love, Alice xo

dom.the.mom said...

It's awesome that you're taking all this instances day by day. College is hard. Girl, it ain't no joke but as long as you don't dwell on the negative day after day, it gets a bit easier to deal with after awhile.

Also, why does it take so long to get to your campuses from your damn? 30 MINUTES! Damn! Haha. In Chicago, my school has a campus on the north side and downtown in the "Loop". Even by train, it doesn't take that long to go between the two campuses.

Anders E said...

That picture says it all! :)

Midwest Muse said...

It gets better! It GETS BETTER.

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