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Thursday, August 16, 2012

One Week.

Red Boat Neckline Dress: Thrifted.
Red Rose Crown: Handmade by me.
Royal Wedding Ring Replica: Surprise gift from Kezzie.

As of today, I have exactly one week until I leave for Kent. One week until everything I've dreamed of for years, finally happens. It's hard to believe.

I've been having trouble sleeping at night. I lay in bed for hours, thinking and thinking...about what my new life will be like. I'll be drifting off into that sound and silent place of slumber, my dreams on the edge of reality when all of a sudden I'm jolted out of trailing thoughts into my stuffy bedroom, amazed how overwhelming everything actually is.

I used to be really scared, but I've found as each day goes by my excitement builds. I think about the new scenery, the beautiful, beautiful campus. I think about all of the people- so many different, new personalities. No one I've ever meant before. I think about how I get to explore my passion, taking two fashion courses, studying what makes me happiest. Exploring downtown Kent, my dream little town full of cutsey shops and mom and pop restaurants...brick laid sidewalks and streetlamps. I'm just so giddy with excitement. The butterflies in my stomach are flying like mad.

I can't help but be sad, too though. I've pushed this town away for so long, turned my eyes away from the beauty that still exists in some parts. I'll miss the places I take my pictures, really the only places I've ever known. They're familiar, the grass is tramped down from my feet, the trees have familiar markings I recognize. The downtown area, which I vehemently declare 'a ghetto' is full of history and stories...quaint antique shops, old fashioned ice cream joints, and the carousel I ride at every summer since I've been a little girl.

You can be excited for new journeys, but that doesn't mean you won't miss the old journeys, as well. I'm just really surprised at myself I guess. I'm such a coward, afraid of everything that takes to feel alive. But for once, I'm not taking the safe road doing all this. I'm taking the biggest chance I ever have in my life. Going off on my own, studying what I want, and getting a second chance at all the friends I never got to have.

Life's too beautiful to be sad all the time.
With much love, Lauren.

P.S. I started a facebook page for Someone Like You if you're interested! 

PSS. This was my 900th post


marcia said...

oh lovely. you will still be posting outfit pictures when you are at Kent right? I am going over to like your facebook page right.... now!

Camille said...

Oh my goodness, Lauren! I'm so excited for you, girlie! I can't believe that you start college in a week. My older brother just started college on Wednesday and he loves it, so I just know you will too! You have to definetly tell us about your first day. I want to know everything! I don't care if the post is super long or whatever.

Once again, I'm so happy for you! I also want to let you know that I feel like you are becoming a close friend of mine. You are so real! I really feel as if you are someone that I, as well as a lot of other bloggers, could look up to.

Thank you for always blogging like you do!


Unknown said...

I move back to school for junior year (how cray cray does that sound!) on Saturday! You are going to do so well. I can't wait to see how your blog/style grows and changes, as you do too! It is kind of sad leaving your town, but you will appreciate it so much more when you return!

By the way, this dress/location are both so beautiful!


Teddi said...

lauren, marvelous photos & writing! it's okay to be excited & sad at the same time.

Ashley Holloway said...

Absolutely love these pictures, some of your best I think! You look so lovely and romantic :). Isn't it funny how we can be so scared and yet so excited for something to happen? I used to feel the same way about by hometown neighborhood, in which I still live, but in recent years I've come to really love it. It's my natural space to take photos in :)

Katie Burry said...

Why does everyone find the perfect fields for photos except me!? I'm jealous. :-P

That's a gorgeous outfit, by the way! And I'm so happy for you heading off to Kent! <3

Anonymous said...

For someone 6 years out of college, I can tell you that this experience will be one you never forget. You go from being a dependent child to being an independent woman. And it's magnificent. You'll cry, you'll laugh, you'll fall in love, you'll get your heart broken, you'll drink, you'll eat, you'll skip classes, and you'll have fun. It's such a time to remember and I'm glad you are excited. :)

I love that red dress. You look absolutely dreamy and gorgeous in that bed of wildflowers! Amazing! <3


Charmaine said...


Leen said...

omg! this has to be my favourite outfit from you like ever. you look soo good in this. and the background, woow. I want one of those fields around here. :)

good luck in college, since i'm in college myself, i can tell you it's something you will not forget. it's the greatest time i've ever had. the freedom is great. (and well, i now live right next to one of the greatest shopping streets in my country..)

and I liked the facebook page.


Anonymous said...

love these pics!kisses from Italy

Anonymous said...

beautiful dress! You always find very pretty places to take your pics. I love it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh oh, trop belle ♥ The ring is like the one who kate have :)

Bisou, bisou*

Anna Olivia said...

gorgeous! the dress is fabulousssss. =]

Hanne said...

Love the pictures!
It sounds so exiting, and I really hope Kent turns out to be a great journey for you :)

Et tu, tutu? said...

First off, LOVE the outfit! You should do a tutorial on the crown because I'd totally love to make one!

And secondly, I totally know what you mean. I'm leaving in two weeks to go to university, and I'm excited to leave the town I've been living in for my entire life, but apprehensive too. It's funny how you can wish for something for so long and then when it happens you still kind of want it to never arrive. I am just going to hold my breath and dive right in though, and I'm sure you will do the same! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. :)

Et tu, tutu?

Vicki said...

Red is a gorgeous color on you! Your outfit looks so perfect, and so do the photos...what a lovely field!


PS~ Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

R said...

Ah, you are sooo beautiful Lauren!


friedenlinde said...

Wow! These pics are truly stunning, and you look beautiful in that red dress! <3
I understand your feelings, you are going through great changes and your life is about to be a total different one. That could be scaring and exciting at same time! But as you already know, you are going to follow your passion and study what you like most, you are going to meet new friends, lots of interesting people, build new friendships and build your adult self. And at some point you are going to meet some cute boy that will kidnap your heart! Don't be scared. And the familiar places you raised at will always be there, in your heart, in your thoughts, and every visit over there will be special, you'll see. I wish you good luck in your college years!

Katherine said...

Holy moly, Lauren. Amazing pictures, amazing dress!!! Just lovely.

Speaking as someone who just moved in at college for the third time, people really aren't lying when they say it's the best time of your life. I also left behind a quaint small town that I'd known all my life, but I love my college town/city and I still get to go back to my hometown on breaks. It's actually been really great because every time I go back home, I have a renewed love for my town.

College is amazing. I promise you that there is nothing to be nervous about. Make sure you take it all in; it really does go by so fast!!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing in these shots. They are so nice!!!! So Dreamy!!!

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