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Friday, August 10, 2012

♥ Dahlia Darling ♥

'Stephanie' Dress: c/o Dahlia.
Vintage Beaded Purse, Tear Drop Earrings: Thrifted.
Gold Bow Heels: Plato's Closet.
Rose Ring: Forever21.
Gold Bracelet: JcPenny's.

I discovered the lovely UK label Dahlia a few years back after seeing the epitome of romance, whimsy, and nostalgia in a dress on a gal on Chictopia. I went to the site, pining and wishing after every single dress I saw...literally drooling in love at a label that epitomized everything I wanted in a piece of clothing. I vowed to invest someday in a Dahlia dress and quite a few times I found one (okay, maybe even two) in my Modcloth checkout bag, but never went through with things...

But I can now say I am an incredibly proud Dahlia dress owner! Oh.my.goodness. So utterly and hopelessly in love with it. A pretty dress can repair any broken heart (and some Ed Sheeran on repeat, too). I haven't felt very pretty the past week (who would after a break up?) , but I felt beautiful in this dress. It's amazing how powerful a garment can be.

Anywho, I've been doing good lately and I'm proud to say that. I'm not jumping up and down and doing cartwheels,but I'm holding myself together, enjoying life a little piece at a time. Watched Tuck Everlasting this morning in my bedroom on my laptop and bawled my eyes out...haha sounds silly but I just love doing that!

I also hung out with some gal pals from high school tonight before we all go off to college which was swell. A few nights ago I got together with a childhood friend and her family, too. It's funny because we were THEE best of friends growing up, then separated in junior high school, and hated each other for awhile...Over the years all of the silliness faded away though and we were able to rekindle what we once had.

It just goes to show you that even though any sort of relationship (friendship, boyfriend/girlfriend) may end, that doesn't mean it's over for good. It doesn't mean that you can never have a connection with that person again...God brings us together at the oddest times, when we least expect it.

I hope I can do this sort of thing with another person in my life. But in good time. No rush. No pressure. When we're both ready

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

You look like a goddess Lauren! I have been wanting this dress for so long too, it really is a dream!

It is so wonderful to know you are feeling better.

xx Carina

SM said...

The dress is so beautiful and very romantic!

Vicki said...

Your dress is gorgeous! And I love your hair! That little braid across the top looks so elegant and feminine!


Georgia said...

Glad to hear things are getting better! You look amazing in that dress, how special!!



Anonymous said...

That dress is perfect! The sweet pink color and the rhinestones on the collar (which I didn't realize it had!) are so pretty. You look gorgeous girl! And I love Tuck Everlasting. Such a great movie and I'm glad you are getting out with friends and having fun. Hope you have a great weekend! <3


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful dress and i love the way that you have done your hair! it's pure prettiness, like you Lauren.
X Jane


Anonymous said...

One of ur bests look :) Everything is so adorable and beautiful! The accesories, the bag, the hair and the dress!
Bisou, princess*


Natasha Atkerson said...

Love this dress! And your hair looks so cute with the crown braid-tutorial coming soon....???!!!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Camille said...

Your Dahlia dress is so pretty! After seeing how cute and girly your dress is, I kind of want to own my own Dahlia dress.

I love how a pretty new clothing item can cheer you up. New clothes always put me in a good mood! :)


Sin12012 said...

Lovely dress ! :)

xo ,
Ana Catalarrana

Teddi said...


Amber Schmidt said...

Oh, hello Ms. Hepburn. ;)

I can't wait to hear about your adventures in college. I swear, it's such a fun time and there's always so much to do!

Midnight And Dawn said...

I love this dress! It looks perfect on you :)

Unknown said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! I love when you wear these shoes. That second picture is probably THEE cutest pose that I have ever seen.


Midwest Muse said...

This dress is beautiful on you! And your hair is perfect!

Et tu, tutu? said...

Just gorgeous. The dress is so so so cute and I love the detailed collar! Agh. I love it. :P

Et tu, tutu?

Maria said...

Such a pretty lady! That dress was made for you <3
xx Maria
P.S: I'm glad you're feeling better, stay strong and keep wearing clothes that make you feel fabulous!

Is It Secret, Is It Safe said...

I love the nude dress! It's perfect! And that's great you were able to hang out with your friends before you all leave! It's a good feeling to know you have a few people in your life that will always be there, even if you grow distant for a while.

Unknown said...

hey, i just stumbled across your blog, but I absolutely love it. Everything-from the layout to your killer sense of style-is amazing. I especially love this look. You look stunning! That nude dress is to die fore! It's the perfect combination of simple/chic, and wonderfully feminine. Amazing piece. I am your newest fan. Could you check out my blog at www.rogue-collection.blogspot.com as well? i would love to follow each other. Thanks :)

daria said...

I adore this dress! everything about it is just lovely - but that figures, since it's Dahlia!

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