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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life's Snapshots #18

Hello everyone!
It's been quite a whorl wind of a past few days but I can say that it has been such a fun, exciting experience. Yesterday I went and explored downtown which is pretty much all I could ever dream of. An ice cream shop, popcorn shop, indie clothing stores, street lamps...sigh, so dreamy! I've been taking my camera around with me everywhere but I've been too shy to whip it out and take pictures. Here are some from downtown yesterday though, as well as, some pictures of some food I've eaten lately. It's pretty darn delicious eating here if you ask me!

Speaking of food, I really don't understand how people gain the freshman fifteen...I have never walked so much in my LIFE and my calves are so sore! I mean, maybe it's just my campus, but I feel like between all of the walking to get places + being on the fourth floor of my building (and using the steps!) that I'll be doing the opposite of gaining fifteen pounds.

While I'm on the topic of weight though, I've been meaning to tell you something rather disheartening that happened a week or so ago. A company contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out a sample pair of their jeans- I of course said yes! After my positive response, they sent me some images of ones I could pick from and then told me to order my size from 1 to 7. I emailed them back, asking if they had anything bigger than a 1 to 7 and they never even responded. I just think it's really crappy of them that they wouldn't have any bigger sizes because 1) my feelings were hurt 2) EVERYONE deserves to have their size carried. The average woman is a size 12 here in the United States and to be told that a company only carries up to a size 7 isn't representing all body types. But that's just my stubborn opinion, anyways.

Anywho, I'll hopefully be back soon with outfit pictures or something; thank you for all of the kindness and support!
With much love, Lauren.


Carlee, Little Sloth said...

I love the snapshots. I gained some weight during my freshman year during finals week because I would sit down to study and just snack so watch out for that! Sounds like your first few days have been good.
Almost Endearing

Et tu, tutu? said...

I have a human kinetics class, and I'm on the light meal plan, so I'm hoping to do the opposite of the Freshman 15 too, haha. PS. I don't know if you watch ANTM, but a girl from the fashion school in Kent totally almost made it on the show! Maybe you'll meet her, haha.


Lauren said...

Haha I've totally been saying the same thing about freshman 15! It's a myth I tell you! I guess we'll see after our freshman year ... maybe we'll gain fifteen pounds of muscle. Sexy bodies here we come, haha.

Anni said...

I would need a bigger size, too.
I think almost everyone! (:

Unknown said...

I feel your pain with the jeans size issue. I wouldn't call you big or plus sized AT ALL, which to me, just brings home how un fair, unrealistic and limited sizing is out there!!


Unknown said...

I hope you got that squirrel ring because it is just too precious! :)

And I completely agree with you about that company. So not cool! That is the very reason that I would refuse to step into a 579 just because why would you only offer three sizes?

Glad that college is going well!


Anonymous said...

How cowardly of the jeans company not to reply, I hope they are ashamed of themselves. Its their loss as a beautiful model like you certainly would have boosted sales. Also love love love your pics! Xxx

OrigamiGirl said...

The squirrel ring is co cute! I can see that really suiting so many of your outfits.

I know what you mean about putting restricted sizes. It is such snobbery! I post a while back about how annoyed I am with LoveFashion -they are really popular with bloggers but only have 2 possible sizes! I know I bought something from them, but when their large size is tight on me (and I a UK size 12) it is just ridiculous. It doesnt make them popular.

Glad you are enjoying Fresher's week!

Midwest Muse said...

These are the best parts of Kent! You captured it beautifully. And you should send another email to that company letting them know how very rude and upsetting that is/was. They at least owe you a response.

TaNuja said...

Loved the squirrel finger ring :)

Loved the streets, the food :)

Loved your adventures :)

Yes this is one thing very important to be comfortable in you own skin :)

ENjoy your studies there and time :)



Teddi said...

i wish that company read this.

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