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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Senior Prom ❤

Hello everyone!
So last night was the big night I've been waiting for...my senior prom!

My day first started out with going to get my hair done which was.... an absolute disaster. Sigh, I think I have the prom hair curse because every year for the past three years something goes wrong. I wanted a retro inspired half updo with super soft, romantic curls. Not to hard, right? The stylist backcombed my hair to death and didn't bother to smooth it out, thus giving me a lovely bird's nest on my head. I went home practically in tears because 1. it was horrible 2. I felt terrible to have my parents spend money on something so horrible looking. I ended up fixing it and doing what I could and even though I wasn't super pleased with my hair, it was still better than before, hehe ;)

Matt and his parents came over in the evening and we went to take pictures! It was honestly the most beautiful day we could have ever had. 75 degrees, sunny, and a slight wind. Perfect. After pictures we headed off to Applebee's for dinner which did not disappoint as usual!

Prom I am sad to say was pretty disappointing. I don't know, I was upset because I wanted it to be this fantastic, magical, memorable night for me to end my senior year and it just wasn't. Sometimes I realize I put too much expectation on myself to have a perfect time and when it's not, I end up disappointed. Matt and I just really aren't that big of dancers and well, the whole point of prom is to dance! Nonetheless, we still got a few dances in there and it was fun. Just not as wonderful as I always dreamed it to be.

After prom was at the local bowling alley where it was free along with pizza and drinks. It was super fun (and Matt beat my butt!) but I was SO tired. I am a total baby and can't stay up past 12. It wasn't until 1:30 when we got home and I was beat.

All in all, it was a beautiful time and I don't regret anything. Even though it wasn't what I dreamed it to be I still had such a fun time dressing up, eating out, and having a fun time with my handsome date :)

What was your senior prom like?
With much love, Lauren.

P.S. I am SO sorry if you've emailed me or tried to get a hold of me these past few days. With the fashion show, prom, and today was my sister's First Communion I have had no time to breath. So sorry and I'll be getting back to you soon!


Katherine said...

oh my goodness!!!! you look beautiful - your dress is nicer than my wedding dress!

and prom wasn't all that special to me. i remember nothing of the dance part of any of them (except hiding from my friends date in the bathroom, oh yeah, i went to three proms?). it's just a nice rite of passage though.

lindseyannee said...

SO gorgeous!!!! <3

Maria said...

LAUREN is a beauty!! You look simply radiant in that gown and although the night wasn't all that you hoped for, you still look like the belle of the ball. I love love your hair and make-up, you truly look like a princess!
xx Maria

Celia said...

Hey dear, if you hadn't mentioned your hair disaster, I never would've guessed- it looks wonderful. Your outfit/hair/makeup/nails look utterly ravishing. Sorry the prom wasn't what you were wishing for. <3

elizabeth marie. said...

you look gorgeous!!! and i love your jewelry!

Hannah Meade said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I would never have guessed your hair got messed up- it looked really beautiful! I think this is my favorite dress out of all of them!

Carlee, Little Sloth said...

I feel your pain with the hair problem. Every year for prom I would get my hair done and it would be awful and not the way I wanted. You would think I would learn and just do it myself, next time a big event happens I will for sure. I love the dress SO beautiful. You both look lovely and very happy. I am glad you had a good time.



Teddi said...

lauren, you look like an angel. magnificent! :) your photos turned out superbly. being disappointed is a bummer, but i know you're glad you went. you've had a lot of stuff going on lately. i'd certainly be tired.

Aliya said...

Aw Lauren, you look so lovely! Your hair looks gorgeous so don't worry; you did a good job fixing whatever the stylist did! I love your dress so much! I remember I wore a dress I designed myself to my year 12 ball (that's what we call it here in Australia). The ball wasn't as magical as I expected either but I still had a good time!

x Aliya

Unknown said...

You look beautiful Lauren! I adore your dress!! :-) I was homeschholled and ended up being overseas for most of my high school years so I missed out on prom and all that fun stuff. :-)

Charmaine said...

You look so lovely, Lauren! Congrats on your prom.

SM said...

lovely photos =)
i didn't like my hairstyle at my prom last year as well, but it wasn't such a big disaster and since i'm not good with hairstyles i decided to stick with it.
and you are a such a nice couple =)

Zorah said...

I don't think prom is as great as anyone thinks it will be. I think movies build up our expectations and then we go and realize it's just another high school dance with long dresses. It's fun but not amazing. But it is kind of a right of passage, so there's that. I had a similar bad hair experience my senior prom, so i'm totally sympathetic. That said you two look lovely.

Anonymous said...

You look breathtaking Lauren, and what a beautiful sunshiny day! Whatever happened to your hair you still managed to make it look amazing, you have a fabulous talent for mzking everything look amazing really. I hope you enjoy whats left of your senior year.
xx Jane

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

You look like a fairytale princess! So beautiful <3

Kezzie said...

You look just like a bride! Very lovely and Matt loves like a Prince too!! Just charming!!!

Caroline said...

very beautiful, Lauren! so exciting! and your hair looks just perfect!!
love you!
best wishes!

Midwest Muse said...

You look so beautiful. That dress is 100% you. What a lucky find! And yes, prom was lame. I was there for ten minutes and left because well, it was really stupid. But I'm glad you had fun!

Unknown said...

Beautiful dress!! My prom was last weekend and it was fantastic! I also did a similar hairstyle to yours. The post is at my blog if you'd like to take a look.

Felicia said...

You and Matt looked great! :)

Unknown said...

You look beautiful!!! I really like your hair this way.

My senior prom was interesting. I had a gorgeous orange colored dress (I really need to do a post of all my dance pictures from high school) and my hair was really pretty. I was in a fight though with one of my best friends and spent the whole night trying to avoid him and his psycho date. Overall it was pretty good, but it was just a dance like any other.


Sampada said...

You look absolutely stunning! That dress looks perfect on you. I'm sorry to hear about your hair fiasco, but I honestly think it turned out really well! Everything just looks so good! You have such an amazing style!


Maria Elyse said...

Ah, Lauren! You seriously look like an angel! I adore your dress. ♥

What a bummer about your hair...but you fixed it up beautifully and you looked fantastic!

Even though it wasn't all you hoped it would be, I'm so glad you had an amazing night. ♥ :)

Aaaand I haven't yet been to prom! Haha, next year though! Super excited. :)

Maria Elyse

Unknown said...

Aww you looked beautiful for your prom! You two are a great looking couple.
Sorry about the hair issues. I'm glad I never have hair problems like that since my mom is a hairdresser and has done my hair all my life! I wouldn't know what to do if someone else did it and did it wrong!
You both look great in these pictures though and it sounds like you had a really nice night! These make me remember my senior prom four years ago... I feel old.

KSaifs said...

You're the image of divinity, girly. And not to completely go off subject, but Matt looks almost EXACTLY like another blogger's husband. It's wild!! The blog name is The Lookbook (link here: http://www.xothelookbook.com/) Her husband's name is Jake and your Matt looks sooooo much like him. Or maybe it's the other way around. Lol, whatevs. Beautiful dress and gorgeous couple :)Much aloha <3

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

You looked very pretty and I like your hair despite what backcombing may have been done. I hated my prom. What a waste of money. It was boring and dumb. My husband didn't even dance with me at it (he gets too easily aroused by me, but I didn't understand that then). . .anyway the food was good. Sounds like the bowling alley portion of your prom night would have been the best!!!!

Brianna Wachter said...

*gasp* Your dress is adorable! Love the fluff and elegance of it :)

Oh, and you two look very sweet together :)

Metcalf said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Lauren!
You looked adorable! The hair looked natural and pretty that goes with the dress, I totally loved it ;)

I'm having my senior prom in early June, I am super nervous. I've browsing through blogs for everything. Any small tips you don't mind sharing?

Again, the dress, hair, makeup, and corsage and everything looked GREAT on you!

annie =)

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