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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

iPhone Girl.

There's something you all need to know about me. I'm probably the worst teenager e-v-e-r at technology. I don't know how to work anything. Computers. Phones. ipods. Televisions. I'm a disgrace to the teenage population. I had the same crappy flip phone with a broken screen from eighth grade up until now. I didn't text on it. I didn't even really know how to work it. I just carried it with me sometimes (and by sometimes I mean never) so my mom would get off my case on being safe in case of emergency. For so long I've wanted a new phone. I've wanted to be updated to 'the modern world' because frankly sometimes my fashion sense isn't the only thing lacking in modernism.

So *drumroll please* I am now a proud owner of an iphone! I've been wanting one of these beautiful little babies ever since Matt got one for his graduation a year ago. They hold a realm of possibilities to me that I never knew possible, yet I knew I could never have one. Too much money. My parents and I had been toying around with the idea for awhile now to invest in one for when I go away to college. You know, because I actually might need to use a phone because I actually might want to call someone and I actually might have an emergency because I'll actually be in a strange place. Sensible, no? So for my graduation present my parents bought me an iphone. My own, beautiful, shiny, ALL MINE iphone. Gosh I can't stop looking at it- or stop fretting that I'm going to break the darn thing. I now have the weather, twitter, Facebook, my blog, and instagram (!) all at my finger tips. I couldn't be more excited.

I only got the 4 not the 4s though. I mean what can I say. I'm not really that frivolous when it comes to technology (clothes on the other hand...) The basic will do me just fine and I'm really looking forward to exploring and bonding (yes, I just said bonding) with my new iphone. Are there any apps or games that you all would recommend? I don't even know where to start!

Enough of my sillyness though and back to reality. Tomorrow is my last day of high school. Something I can hardly believe is here. I've been dreaming about it, wishing for it, dreading it, and fretting about it all at the same time. Either way, it's arrived....

With much love, Lauren.

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claire said...

OMG GURL YAY. you will now never go back to a regular phone hahah I am obsessed with my iPhone. what's your instagram, mines @treschicblog. also as far as apps go, I don't really use too many but if you know a lot of people with iPhones, you should get snap chat, you basically take crazy stupid self snaps and them send them to your friend for a couple of seconds and then they try and screenshot it haha it's actually really fun. I mean once you have insta and twitter and Facebook etc you really don't need any other apps but sometimes its fun to have little random apps as a cure for boredness haha. TOMORROW IS YOUR LAST DAY OF HIGHSCHOOL! yayy you made it! hope it's your best school day yet! xx

Fernanda said...

Yayyyy! Iphones are seriously the best. You will love it! What's your username on instagram? I'm so excited to see all the pictures you'll post on there.
As for recommendations:
Angry Birds (it's a must!!)
Where's my water? (super cute game)
Shazam (app that will tell you the name of a song that's playing on the radio when you don't know it)
PicFrame, PhotoStudio, PS Express (cool picture editing apps)
There's so many more! Have fun with your new phone!


bridget anne said...

eeep! congratulations! you'll love it. i had a hot pink razr until last summer when i finally got an iphone...and oh, oh my. that was a learning curve...but a beautiful one. xo.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, iphones are the best! My favourite app is definitely instagram, my username is @janebutton, but draw something and of course the teen vogue snapshot app is super fun! Enjoy your new iphone and congratulations on graduating!
X Jane

Unknown said...

I was always a bit behind on technology too! I hated touch screens for the longest time but when my husbands phone broke while we were dating, I gave him my blackberry and took one of my dad's old iphones. (ahem...it is embarrassing when your father knows more about modern technology than you! He is a fanatic..loves the stuff!) so now I am pretty used to it and dare I say even love my little iphone! It is really useful and handy to have with you all the time! :-)

Some favorite apps would be:
Instagram (duh!!)
Draw Something
And of course all of my pregnancy apps but I am sure you don't really care about those!! Hehe :-)

Demy said...

COME ON NOOOWWW!!! I'm so freaking jealous!! I want one so badly! I mean, I know it's wrong to be so attached to just...phones, but this isn't ANY phone, it's an iPhone, an iPhone dude!!!! SO jealous! It's a beauty! Hope you'll take good care of it *sniff sniff*
WOO! Last day of school! Cool! I have still three weeks of exams and then I'll be free as well! COLLEGE I'M COMING, BRACE YOURSELF! :P :P

Kate said...

I'm like you, I only just bought an iphone about 2 months ago. like you i decided to go with the 4 instead of the 4S. are you on instagram? i would love to follow you (in a non-stalker way lol)

Kezzie said...

Good luck tomorrow! I am also Miss technodinosaur! I've had the same swivvel-lid phone for the last 5 years and I see no chance of myself changing to anything else willingly!

Adriana said...

isn't it great!? I have this phone too & I love it. Congrats =)

Mary said...

Just wanted to say that I'm glad you guest posted at Thrifting Through Life because now I found you and I kinda love you. Glad I'm following you now!

Midwest Muse said...

Welcome to the club! Now get Instagram and follow me!

Unknown said...
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