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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Retro Swimsuit.

Retro High Waisted Swimsuit Bottoms: American Apparel.
Swim Suit Top, White Floppy Hat, Cat Eye Sunglasses, Black Wedges: Thrifted.

Even though I got eaten alive by bugs in this shoot, it was totally worth it. I do a vintage inspired swimsuit shoot every spring for the blog (this is my third one!) and this has to be my favorite one date. I've been lusting after a pair of high waisted swim shorts for years and years now and have come up empty handed in my findings. I decided that THIS year I would not come out empty handed though and searched high and low over the internet for one that was reasonably priced.

I've never ordered from American Apparel before but I was so pleased to find these perfect bottoms for only $25! I thrifted the top and I think they go perfectly together :)

To be honest though I definitely felt self conscious. I know I don't have the thinnest body but I've been trying to embrace my body type more. I mean, I have big hips and big thighs. Anyone with two eyes can see that. I know I'm going to get some snarky anonymous commenter probably telling me I look bad, fat, ect but honestly I don't care. I want to be myself and wear what I want. Be a role model for you all and show that all sorts of sizes are beautiful- big, small, and in between. Be fearless with your fashion choices whether it's simply a dress or a bathing suit. As Elanor Roosevelt would say, ' no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.'

Hold your head up high, be yourself, and embrace you and your body

With much love, Lauren.


Sampada said...

You look great and are really an inspiration to curvier girls out there. I have so many issues with my legs but I've been trying to get over it. On the hunt for a swimsuit as well, maybe I'll look into aa.


Britney @ Scout and Company said...

Go you! :P And that quote from Elanor is exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks a bunch you incredible girl.

Ashlyn said...

You look like an old school pin up model. I adore high waisted swim wear and retro styles, but the tan lines are pretty awkward! Maybe I should just avoid getting too tan ;).

Hope you have an awesome time and the water park and in your last week of high school :).

Triple Thread

claire said...

you are truly beautiful and i admire you for having the confidence to put these on the internet. I can hardly even wear bikinis, because every time I do, I get so incredibly self conscious and feel so fat, so I just avoid them altogether. have fun at kalahari! xx

Charmaine said...

You have a great figure, Lauren! Working that pin-up bikini well xx

Anonymous said...

Lauren, you are such an inspiration, I really admire you! You look so gorgeous, you are such a role model. The bikini looks amazing on you.
X Jane


Stephanie Loudmouth said...

Hey hottie! You look gorgeous in the 'suit! Love how you accessorized it, too.

Fernanda said...

I wish you knew how much this post has helped me today. I've spent the whole afternoon crying because I felt too fat, and I hate looking at myself in the mirror and seeing big thighs, big hips, a round face... And then I came here and saw you embracing your body as it is, choosing to love yourself no matter what, and looking absolutely GORGEOUS while at it!! I wish there was a way to tell you how much you have helped me tonight, how much you have inspired me, how much you have made me smile... but I guess all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! And even then, I feel like I can't say it enough. <3

Unknown said...

If you get any snarky comments, don't listen to them! You look beautiful, natural, and perfect... just the way you are! I love your retro swimsuit, it is adorable and I love how you styled it! Thank you for being YOU and promoting such a healthy self image. It is a really good example to all the other girls out there! You inspire me! :-) Have a lovely Sunday!!

Flight of Fancy Boutique said...

This is such a beautiful and inspiring post! Inspired me. X

Charlotta, Afternoon Apparel said...

Beautiful you <3

katie said...

I love retro bathing suits, and I love how classic this looks, right down to the red lips and the black and white color scheme!
(Those high waisted bottoms look so comfy, I too have been looking everywhere for some like that and with no luck. I'll have to look at american apperal now!)
I love everything about this dear, you do look like such a classic beauty and as always, your photos are so beautiful, you do such lovely photography. :) (and yikes for the bugs being out!)

Demy said...

Ok, I was ready to leave a comment saying something like "I don't mean to sound creepy, but can you please send me this goooorgeous body you have?". But then I read the text, and cooome on now, haters gonna hate, you know? Cliche but true. The majority of people around the word do not have the thinnest bodies, and this is a good thing. I don't get why we should embrace the anorexic bodies and judge the healthy ones. Personally, I live in Greece and, at least at my place, most people have healthy bodies with curves and all. What I want to say is that you have THE body, really. And I'm not just sugarcoating. I do believe this, you're one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen :* :*

Kezzie said...

Well said!!!! I salute you for your bravery in posting a swim-suit (I wont be doing this for obvious reasons, notably, school children finding my blog!), you look lovely and I am glad you feel lovely and are encouraging others to feel lovely! I used to have a pair of swim-shorts just like this! I got them from the Freemans catalogue!

Emily said...

You look absolutely beautiful Lauren. You are such an inspiration to the curvier girls out there, and an inspiration to me. I don't even know where I fall, I am definitely not curvy, because I do not have large boobs or a big butt whatsoever, but I am so far away from being petite. I have a very muscular body, my thighs are huge, especially when I flex them. Just scrolling through these photos of you in your swimsuit is so inspiring, because you show that girls above a size 2 can look stunning in swimsuits too:)

Angel said...

You look great, and props to you for doing this. I know I wouldn't have the guts.

Aliya said...

Lauren, you are beautiful! And I love this vintage inspired shoot so much!

x Aliya
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JGO said...

You look gorgeous Lauren! You are an inspiration. Beautiful post...


ftashion said...

You look gorgeous! Hope I can love myself in my own skin as much as you do!

Ash :o)

Maria Elyse said...

Your swimsuit posts always inspire me, Lauren. You're so comfortable with your beautiful body, and that's something I struggle with every single day. Thank you for being such a great role model. ♥

I've been lusting for a vintage inspired bikini or one piece for a looooong time now, and I really love your swimsuit bottoms! They're perfect. Oftentimes the vintage bottoms I find are just sort of...I dunno, dowdy looking, haha. But these aren't! I think I'll have to go check out American Apparel and buy myself the same ones! :D

Maria Elyse

Jana K said...

Wow Lauren you are truly beautiful inside and out. Your confidence is inspiring, you are stunning. I admire you for being so brave!

Unknown said...

You look great in your vintage-inspired swimsuit! I think it really suits you and I really love the hat you paired with it. I've been wanting a high-waisted swim suit for a long while now. I can never find one that isn't super expensive! I'll have to check out American Apparel because 25 dollars is an awesome price.

The Big Princess said...

Love your swimsuit! You look Beautiful!



Unknown said...

You look beautiful :)

Elizabeth said...

You look so wonderfull. I could never wear a bikini. I have a nice round belly that likes to show off in such wear. ;P You can pull it off fantastically though. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me. Being a small 13 year old and having no one to look up to really helps to read your blog. I have been so inspired to be more confident in everything I do. In dressing, acting, writing, and just being me. I hope every girl can feel that way when reading this.

Keep Shining, Lizzy <3


Anonymous said...

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