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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dewy Morning.

Floral Peter Pan Collar Dress: Forever21.
Black T-Strap Heels: Thrifted.
Floral Headband: Claire's.

Hello everyone!
For the first time in blog history I actually took these photos in the morning! This whole week of school I get to go two hours later because of OGTs, otherwise known as Ohio Graduation Tests. Freshman take practice ones, sophomores take the actual ones, and juniors and seniors get to go into school late. It truly is glorious! I was ready early this morning and figured I'd give some outfit pictures a shot before I went into school. The world was like a totally different place than it is during the afternoon. Dewy droplets of crystals still clung to the the pine tree branches and a mysterious but beautiful fog still laid close to the ground. The geese were chatting back and forth and it was so serene.

School itself is such a contrast from the beautiful solitude I find in nature. Today I had to sit in the guidance office alone because I had no one to sit with at lunch since the lunches are all switched around for OGTs. I'm not really one to be affected by loneliness and it usually doesn't bother me but I just felt like crying today. I felt so alone and stupid. Like an outcast that no one wants. A truly awful feeling and hopefully one I won't have to feel anymore this school year. I have less than 50 days left of school and I'm just counting down impatiently... The day I see myself in a graduation cap and gown truly couldn't come soon enough.

Hope you all are doing lovely though!
With much love, Lauren.


Jana K said...

I am sorry you felt alone today. I know how you feel. But I don't know why anyone would NOT want to be your friend...you are such a lovely person.

I tried on that dress, and loved it, but something about it didn't look quite right on me. It looks MUCH nicer on you :) Beautiful photos!

Emily said...

Are you kidding? 50 DAYS? Wow, this year has flown by incredibly fast. I'm so sorry you felt alone today, just know that you have hundreds of girls' backs!:)

I really love this photoshoot today by the way, the pine trees look really nice:)

Katie Burry said...

I love your headband and your lipstick! Bright lipstick is one of my favorite things ever. <3

I'm so sorry about lunch at your school. That stinks. I know how you feel about wanting to get out of school. I cannot graduate fast enough. My mom says "I want to go out with a bang! I want it to be a really, really good end of the school year!" and I think "just be happy I'm graduating instead of dropping out." Lol! I will admit that I've been tempted to drop out more than once. ;)

Mila said...

I love the contrast these photos have from your regular afternoon ones! The dew is so beautiful as well. Your makeup looks absolutely perfect, as usual!

I'm sorry about your day at school. I've felt the same way so often, mostly last year, but sometimes this year as well. It really stinks to feel that way, and when you sit on the bus alone, or can't find a group to talk to, it does bring your self esteem down. You only have 50 days though, you can make it through! Always remember that you have people who love and admire you though, just not some of the unappreciative people at your school. :)


ps. I agree, it really stinks to have to go from beautiful parks/other nature to school, especially when the weather is so nice!

Mila said...

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry about that advertising I left at the end of my comment, I usually don't leave it at the end, but I forgot to delete it! Sorry, I hope you know I'm not trying to advertise my blog, because I'm not! Oops. :)

Teddi said...

ok lauren beautiful garden fairy in your floral dress & crown. maybe you could bring a book, magazine, camera, art stuff, or something to write in next time during lunch? enjoy the outside? or is it too cold in ohio?

Elanor said...

I admire you for not sleeping in extra time and instead taking these photos! :) I only have managed to do that once in my whole blogging career...haha...!

I'm sorry you were lonely today. :( I've had days like that. Definitely not fun.

Unknown said...

That's awesome. I've never taken outfit photos in the morning. Maybe I will have to try that... The dew looks amazing, and I do like the lighting! Also this is a cute dress and I adore the crocheted collar!

Chrissy88 said...

I remember feeling the way you did today when I was in school. I had friends, but I sometimes had situations where there wasn't anyone for me to sit with or eat with and you do feel really alone, even knowing it's temporary. Well, you look lovely and you seem like a lovely person on the inside too. I liked how you described the natural setting and your dress is so cute.

Charmaine said...

That fourth photo is so, so pretty!

Aliya said...

Absolutely stunning! I'm in love with your flower headband! It goes so well with the colours on your dress!

x Aliya

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

Such beautiful photos Lauren! The light in these is amazing! In some, It even seems like the field behind you is on fire. So beautiful.

Sorry to hear about your day at school :s It sounds awful, but you only have 50 more days to go! :) Hope the luch shifts get back to normal soon! xo Nikki

Lizzie said...
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Lizzie said...

Be strong! I know it's hard; I remember those days. As you get older, there are fewer of them...you get to know yourself so well and be so comfortable with "you" as your best friend sometimes, that you actually will YEARN for solitude at times! And you have so many friends here to keep you company:)

Marise said...

You are beautiful girl! And I'm in love with your pretty dress :D

Midwest Muse said...

You look so insanely beautiful. You wear pink really well and I love the tree photograph. I passed through your town the other day on my way home from Columbus and I wished I had your number so I could've had you take me on a thrift adventure!

Unknown said...


You look beautiful! I know exactly how you feel, the end of senior year can really be a drag. College is sooooo much better, trust me. :)


Kezzie said...

Hee hee, you're like a morning flower fairy, just stepped down from the dew drops! On a less frivolous note, I'm sorry about that sense of loneliness, that's horrible. I remember feeling that when I did my postgraduate teacher training. The group that I was with most of the time were super clichy and I wasn't their sort and unfortunately, the few people that I felt comfortable with would have different lunchbreaks when we did certain days, so it was rare I had anyone to sit with at lunch that I would know or feel comfortable with, it was a horrible horrible feeling. Thank Goodness the course was only a year long and 18 weeks of it was in school!

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

I'm sorry you felt left out, sweetie! I'm sure people would want to be your friend if they knew who you were. All of us commenting here wish we could have lunch with you!

Zane said...

you look so adorable and the lipstick looks stunning on you. hope you're feeling better :)

katie said...

That flower crown is so fun and pretty and I really like the lace collar. Very sweet and cute.
(I'm sorry for not commenting for so long as well, my computer died a few weeks back and I just got him back from the computer doctor. I'm having fun going back and looking through the posts I missed, you are very inspiring.)

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