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Friday, March 23, 2012

Shades of Purple.

Lace Dress: Forever21.
Lilac Cardigan, Purple Heels: Thrifted.
Cream Hair Bow: Modcloth.
Purple Quilted Purse: Kohl's.
Nail Polish in Revlon's 'Impulse'

Hello everyone!
I felt sort of down earlier this evening because I received a statement from a reader saying I had ignored one of their comments. It hurt me so much; more than I probably should have let it hurt me to be honest. I'm just so sensitive when it comes to being appreciative of you all. I never want any of you or anyone who reads my blog think that I don't appreciate and cherish each and every single one of you. I do my best to reply back to the comments, emails, tweets, formspring questions and such and sometimes it truthfully does get overwhelming. Don't get me wrong, I totally do enjoy interacting, getting to know you all on a personal level, and letting you all into MY life. That's one of the biggest things I enjoy about my blog. Sometimes though with school going on I just get so frustrated at myself that I'm not doing a better job handling all of this. Often times emails sit in my inbox for weeks unanswered and I apologize to all of you who I've done that to. Sometimes I forget to reply back to questions posted in comments; I apologize to all of you. And I apologize to all of you who haven't seen me on your blogs in the longest time. Visiting, encouraging, interacting like I should be doing.

Why should I be doing this? Not because I feel like it's my duty, but because I want to. I want to so stinkin' much it hurts. I never feel like I could be able to thank you all for all that you give me. I know I say it all the time and it probably annoys you to the core, but I can't stop saying how thankful I am for all of you. I never want one of you to forget it or doubt it for a second. Although I may seem frazzled, take awhile to get back to you, or maybe never even get back to you at all; just know I'm not doing it on purpose. I'm trying my hardest here; please always know that

Hope you all had a lovely Friday and a great start off to the weekend!
With much love, Lauren.


Maria said...
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Maria said...

You look so lovely! That lace dress goes so wonderfully with the lavender. Try not to worry too much about it Lauren... you think you're bad? Wow, I'm the WORST comment replier in the history of the universe! It's okay, having a double life is really hard. I admire you, really. You post every day without fail, you have comments to reply to AND you are in senior year juggling your work, friends and family. I think you're doing a pretty good job so far. :)

Unknown said...

This outfit is adorable! Don't feel bad about not being interactive enough! That is ridiculous; you post all the time and I have seen you on my blog a few times, but it is okay not to all the time; you have a life outside of the blogging world and that is GOOD. I know how hard it is for me to post regularly as a college student, so don't worry about it! You can't and shouldn't spend all your time in front of a computer.


Unknown said...

Love the shoes. I.also wore shades of purple today! But I had a black lace dress underneath. The same outfit in my Tuesday post.

Anonymous said...

i love your blog, but you've seriously posted WAY too many pictures. i generally like seeing your outfits and reading what you have to say, but after scrolling past 20 pictures of you, i became disinterested. way too much, girlfriend. cut back.

Maria Elyse said...

I've gotten comments like that too, Lauren, and they sure don't feel nice. (Especially when you *have* replied more than once to the person who said you were ignoring their comments...very upsetting/frustrating.) It's hard replying to every single comment, and to be honest, I usually don't unless the commenter asks a question. But I do try to show some love back through commenting on my readers' blogs once in a while.

It amazes me how you can balance school and blogging. You are so dedicated to both parts of your life. It's inspiring, honestly. ♥ There no way I can read your blog and not realize how much you appreciate your readers...it's obvious in all your posts. ♥

You look beautiful, as always! I love that lace dress. :)

Maria Elyse

katie said...

Lace and lavender, what could be better? ^_^ this is such a sweet look, I love the kitten heels and you purple eyeshadow looks fantastic. (I've tried to do colored eyeshadow, but I just make a mess of myself.^_^)

And don't worry too much about getting back to people, real life comes first and I've always though you were really good about getting back to people. (But I'm the kinda of person who takes a week to respond to a text...) Don't worry too much about it, most people understand and people who throw a fuss about it are jerks and really don't deserve the time of day.

Anonymous said...

You are are such a talented and kind blogger, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! You are very good at replying to comments, don't worry too much... We, or at least I, know how difficult it is to get everything done. Also, your outfit is so gorgeous, love your eye makeup, you wear purple so well.
xx Jane

Unknown said...

Hey, never feel bad about living your life. You can't just be online all the time and anyone who doesn't understand that isn't worth your time!
As for your outfit, you look so so pretty! I love how feminine this is with the nice, soft colors. Such a pretty colored cardigan.

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! I absolutely adore the lace dress and love how the shades of purple go perfectly with each other!

Have a great weekend :)
xx, Susann
Fashion in Pepperland

Aliya said...

Aw, don't let that get you down. I've had a similar experience before with a bad audience comment from a performance and I focused on it so much, it wrecked my whole week - but there was absolutely no point me doing that because everyone was on my side... I then realised that feeling down because of it was a waste of effort! You're a gorgeous person and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

LOVE the purples - its my favourite colour!!

x Aliya

Celia said...

So soft and perfectly spring-like! Love the hair bow too.

Sampada said...

This is so pretty, Lauren. And don't let that commenter get you down...we all know how much this blog means to you :)


Deliciously Yours said...

Adorable lace dress!

Found you through Fashion and Faith, which I'm new too. Such a nice discovery!


Natasha Atkerson said...

Sheesh! That's crazy! I wouldn't take the statement to heart. I know I personally try to always get back to people, but comments keep coming, you forget their email...etc.
It just happens! And you get quite a few comments, you should have a life aside from blogging! :)
Cute outfit! I LOVE the clutch/purse!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

The Big Princess said...

I am obessed wih purple and this new post of your is amazing and soooo pretty.
I just did a post on 2 purple nail polishes that I bought

Ive been following your blog for a few months, I think you are super stylish!
If you have a few moments I'd appreciate it if you could have a look at mine and if you like it then follow!

LoTs oF lOvE aNd HaPpInEsS

Caroline said...

gaspgaspgasp you are so lovely!! I love all the little details of this outfit~~
love to you always!

Cindi said...

This is one of my favourite dresses of yours Lauren, it is just so pretty with the lace and the collar. You look lovely! :) Don't feel bad because you can't make it all in no time - no one can, we're humans with only one set of arms! :)



Teddi said...

gorgeous lauren, gorgeous outfit, gorgeous dress! i like the purple elements in the sweater, purse, nails, & shoes. i also like the bow e matching the lace dress. we love you, & your style. we know how crazy busy life can be. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You look absolutely lovely! :) You always have very confident facial expressions, which is a strength in fashion blogging. Are you pregnant? I noticed you did the pregnant mom pose with the heart over your belly. If so, congratulations! xoxo

Anonymous said...

beautifully, I very much like your collar on a dress! Fine laces

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