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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Braided Halo.

Coral Dress, Floral Bib Necklace, Gold Sandals: Forever21.
Coral Floral Earrings: Thrifted.

Hello everyone!
Thank you for the beautiful comments on yesterday's post. I was scared to death you all would think less of me after what I wrote. Usually I'm not scared to post 'personal' things but I was just so hesitant to press the 'publish post' button last night. I never want you all to see me as a bad person, but yet I need to show you all the real side of me, as well. Sometimes that real side isn't always pleasant, but I am just so thankful that you all still accept me for who I am, faults and all. You all are seriously the greatest and I wished that I could have had you with me at lunch today...Had to sit by myself again which totally stunk, but thankfully OGTs are almost over and I can go back to sitting with my regular table of people.

So these pictures were taken yesterday on seriously such a gloriously pleasant day...I wanted to try something different with my hair, so I tried sporting a braided halo, or other wise known as 'heidi braids.' I tried doing them last summer a few times, but for some reason they never turned out right. I was quite pleased with the hairstyle yesterday though and I think I'll be sporting it more often!

Hope you all are doing lovely.
With much love, Lauren.


Anonymous said...

You look lovely as always! I was actually sporting the braided halo myself the other day too! :)

xo Amanda

Unknown said...

I love the color of your dress. Very lovely. Sandals are SO much fun! I'm going to have to get some more sometime very soon. I have also been wanting to try the very same hairstyle that you are sporting here, but my hair doesn't create very long braids at all...bummer.

Unknown said...

You look so pretty and ready for spring! I was looking at that dress in yellow on forever21.com the other day. I'm hoping they'll have it when I go shopping!

Livia Rachelle said...

I was just recently thinking about "Heidi" braids-I am just not brave enough to wear them anywhere, but today I wore two braids looped behind which I like (I think of it as like one of Meg from Little Women's hairstyles). Maybe I will be brave enough to wear the "Heidi" style somewhere-I do like it. I have worn a halo style with a narrow rope braid with the rest of my hair down and straightened which I liked although I think I would only wear that to church and not work-its easier (and better) to be brave about some styles at church. Hopefully I will be able to be a little freer and braver in the fall when I hopefully transfer to a university.

Sara said...

wow this outfit is def one of my favs! i adore the color, and paired with the necklace it is stunning!

Celia said...

You, the dress, the hair...absolutely breathtaking. Peach is definitely in your color palette!

Elizzabeth Hope said...

What an amazing necklace!!! <3 it!

XO, Lizz

Teddi said...

pleasing outfit, the braids, dress, necklace. :) ugh, sorry you had another bad lunch day. :( tomorrow will be the last day, right?

Unknown said...

This is such a pretty outfit!! I love the way you take pictures of your accessories separately. I love the color of this dress.

Glad you don't have to sit by yourself for much longer! Remember it will all be better after the turning of the tassel. <3


marcia said...

oh the coral looks just lovely one you! you're very beautiful!

Aliya said...

Oh my!! These pictures are so dreamy! You are beautiful and this outfit is hands down my favourite one of yours! The colour is perfect on you!! LOVE your necklace!

x Aliya

Unknown said...

very feminine and bright sweet look from you this time =)
pink really looks good on your skin, dear !
and very cutie necklace to complete the look =D

visit mine sometimes..!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Lauren, you look beautiful! Your hair is amazing and you look so summery and gorgeous!
xx Jane

Unknown said...

These are such beautiful photos Lauren! You are looking stunning as always. I hope you enjoy Spring

xx Carina

Carol* said...

Oh, you're such a pretty and sweet girl! Your coral dress is super duper lovely and i just love your romantic hair! :)

I'm glad i found this blog. Is so charming and lovely! I am new follower.

And i would be happy to receive a visit from you in my little world. It lives in http://paletadefantasias.blogspot.com/

Kisses from Portugal! :)

Annie said...

What a pretty outfit! Loving that coral dress and beautiful flower statement necklace :)

The Other Side of Gray

ANGIE said...

Amazing outfit...I love it!And your hair look wonderful:):)Great blog!I'm follow you right now.I would be very happy if you follow me back:):)Much love

Anonymous said...

You look lovely! I am so jealous of your weather (and your gorgeous necklace!!)

Unknown said...

Your outfit made me gasp out loud, so truly stunning! You look like a Spring princess! :-)

Nerd Burger said...

Your hair looks so beautiful. :)

Ulia Ali said...

You look so pretty! Love the hair.. I always make such heidi braids in summer lol


Zane said...

you look amazing, darling. and the hairdo as absolute perfection.

Aya Smith said...

You are so precious, Lauren! I love how you styled your hair, this is such a sweet and fresh look!

♥ Aya

katie said...

I really like your hairstyle, its adorable and looks so effortless with the wisps of hair escaping. (And the color of your dress is so stunning on you!)

Jelena Zivanovic said...

I can not explain how sweet u look to me! Beautiful dress, especially cause it comes in coral color, and lovely matching necklace!


Anonymous said...

That necklace is amazing!! Also...I love your hair like that...it really suits you :)

Kezzie said...

How funny, I was going to try and do this hairstyle with my hair yesterday but then I ran out of time! Lovely combo!

Miranda said...

Ok, I had to comment again...you look so beautiful!
Your hair is gorgeous, and that dress is so breezy and cute and...aah! You just look lovely. :)

Sherry said...

These are such beautiful photos Lauren! You are looking stunning as always. I hope you enjoy Spring xx Carina

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