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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bitter Hearts.

Red Dress: Thrifted.
Black Blazer: Forever21.
Patterned Tights: JcPenny's.
Black Boots: H&M.
Cameo Necklace: Gift from my grandmother.
Black Beret: Target.

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!
This was the outfit I wore to church this morning featuring a new red dress I purchased yesterday while thifting. Red is my favorite color to wear and so I just had to purchase this simple, but cute little dress. It's gotten bitterly cold here in Ohio again and started snowing. Totally stinky. Bleh, we've had such a mild winter this year and it's awful for me to complain, but in my book March ='s spring!

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I was going on a double date last night and I must say it did go well! It wasn't as awkward or scary as I thought it would be and I just tried to let loose, have fun, and be myself. We went out to eat to Applebee's, then to the movies to see Gone, and finally to Coldstone Creamery. I've got to say that Gone was an absolutely superb movie... one of the best I've seen in years! Please do go see it if you have the chance to.

While coming home from the double date though last night though I just had this odd feeling in my stomach. Although I had a perfectly fine and lovely night, I knew that it's not who I am to do stuff like this. The whole time all I could think about was going home, snuggling in my pajamas and a blanket, reading blogs, and listening to some music. I've become so accustomed to and come to quite enjoy being alone. I've been alone for so long that it doesn't hurt anymore, but has become such a part of who I am as a person. It took me years to learn how to be alone without being lonely and although I wish I could be a social person and enjoy social outings more than I do, I just can't. In my heart I just crave being alone and thinking and being my own best friend. I don't know if this way of thinking is necessarily a good or a bad thing. On one hand, I'll never feel the need to be defined by another person. On the other hand, however, what human being doesn't want long lasting, meaningful friendships? I know I do want that, but sometimes it's just easier not to try and put forth all of the effort and emotional feelings toward friendship. I just confuse myself so I don't expect you all to understand my madness. Sigh.

With much love, Lauren.


Anonymous said...

As usually, I love your look!
I can relate to your feelings about being alone and friendship..

Have a great evening!
xx, Susann
Fashion in Pepperland

Kezzie said...

I can totally understand the feelings. I love spending time with people 1 on 1 but I always find myself wanting to escape after a while from larger social situations where you are there to socialise (I am fine at school, church, at a friend's house). I was at a lovely dinner party last night but after several hours I did just feel I wanted to escape!

You look lovely! Hee hee, I just posted a church outfit (featuring red skirt!!!) but I was feeling that maybe I shouldn't post outfits. Meh! I don't know what to think!

Brianna Wachter said...

That is a stunning dress! And the black blazer contrasts so sweetly.

I'm with you...I do enjoy curling up at home in my PJs with a movie versus going "out on the town" (although, it is fun once in a while :P). There's nothing wrong with not being a social sort of person...it's just who a person is. Relationships are important but so is taking time to enjoy life's simple pleasures.


Charmaine said...
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Charmaine said...

I think it's a sign of good character to know how to be alone and to be independent. I had to learn this at a young age being an only child. It will serve you well in the future. That said, balance is good, and breaking routine is good. I think to grow as people we need to push ourselves past our comfort zones. YOu don't need to suddenly change who you are and what you are comfortable with, but doing group outings here and there will break your routine just enough to give you some variety. Plus, going off to university you will be forced to meet new people so it's good practice now!

Teddi said...

stellar outfit! some people spend their whole lives trying to learn & love themselves. it's ok. :)

Gina said...

I'm really loving your outfit--especially your necklace!

And I can relate to what you're saying. Don't worry, it's always good to be independent!

xo, gina


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Lauren, I can relate to this as well. I enjoy being alone too much now since I've become accustomed to it after so many years. I myself went out last night with my sister and some of her friends and I just felt out of place, wanted to go home, etc. It's not just you.
xo Amanda

Emily said...

Wow Lauren, you and red lips just go so well together! And I'm so glad your double date went well:) But don't feel bad about being alone when everyone else is out and about. I know many people who prefer that too, so you're not alone!

La Estrella Luna said...

I myself have been alone most of my life. I have never had any real friends in high school & have always desired at least one real friend til the end. Now in my senior year, I embrace who I am. I feel that the years that I have spent alone have made me grow as a person & love myself. By being by yourself you become more secure with yourself as a person. I do get social anxiety but for now I am being to love me for me and develop my own sense of identity by gathering my own interests & not sucummbing to peer pressure.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know I included two of your outfit photos in my weekly Vintage News, Links & Inspiration post: http://thriftaholic.blogspot.com/2012/03/vintage-news-links-of-week.html . I was tempted to include this outfit too, I love the red & black together and the cute bow on the dress.

Maria- CityLaundry said...

oh my! i've been having a sweet spot for red dresses lately! i love this one on you, and with that belt it looks great!


Emily said...

Love that belt so much! Adorable lady!

Jessie said...

I literally "oooh"-ed at this outfit. Simple but SO pretty!

I'm a loner, too, haha. It's crazy, because I'm really not shy. I talk to new people with ease, make conversations with strangers on the bus regularly, etc. But I'm an introvert and a half. I only like to hang out with my bf for extended amount of times. If I'm in a group of friends, I can't be out for more than like 2 hours because I almost feel burned out, like I need to unwind from all of the socializing. I fantasize about my time to watch TV or be on the phone, haha. It's okay! Introverts can have friends and be social. We just need to balance it with alone time. =p

Zane said...

you look amazing darling

Midwest Muse said...

Your dress is insanely beautiful and I really dig the oversizedish blazer.

I feel your pain about preferring to be alone, but sometimes, it's nice to get out and live. Even if you're mind is elsewhere, you'd regret being a shut in on your death bed. It's much better when you're with people you love!

The Big Princess said...

love your dress and leggings!!!!


Lynshock said...

Hey Lauren I am a fun of your outfits. Love your red dress and the ribbon and your red lips too. You look hot!

Hope you had a great day with this outfit.


Serena said...

Oh, this look is amazing on you! I especially love the red lip color. <3

Caroline said...

soooo gorgeeeoossssooo! :) (okay, I think that I pronounce that "gor-gee-oh-so! :) which is another word for gorgeous, I think!)
and I too completely understand about you feeling so. I am like that too. It just seems like so many people believe that "socializing" is an essential part of life but not everyone enjoys it so much. A little is good for me! :)

seriously, you are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You look perfect in red gurl!!! C: !! don't worry too much about that kind of things!! i enjoy a lot going out with my friends!! but sometimes i prefer to stay alone!! and it's worse when it comes to go out with friends of your friends or people that you barely know! but with the time you are gonna feel better in these type of situations!! believe me (: <3 I'm shy, but having a lot of friends and getting well with everybody is my dream, so i always try to do my best to rich that. But i still like being alone!! good luck gurl and enjoy every second of your life!! <3 Sometimes Life is a bitchy but sometimes is wonderful too.OH !! AND RED IS YOUR COLOUR :9

Unknown said...

This outfit is perfect. I love your red dress paired with the black blazer. The beret works so nicely with everything too.

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