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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paris, France.

Hello sweet ladies and gents!
Ever so giddy was when I peeked into the mailbox the other day and found an unexpected little package from England. 'England?' I thought to myself. 'I don't know anyone from England!' I curiously opened the package and swooning at a picturesque postcard of Paris, France and a delicate lace peter pan collar. Upon further inspection I found that this sweet surprise package was from the lovely Kezzie of KezzieAG. I am in total awe by how thoughtful she was to think of me while she was on a little trip to Paris a few weeks ago and send me such a sweet gift. It's honestly one of the nicest things anyone's ever done for me!

I have the darling post card hanging up in my room right now on my dresser and I sported the little lace collar with a floral brooch on my velvet dress today to school. I'll be back soon with an outfit post to show you all!

Once again, thank you so much Kezzie
With much love, Lauren


The Beatniq said...

The collar is super cute!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise! The collar looks beautiful!

xx, Susann
Fashion in Pepperland

Anonymous said...

What a lovely surprise! I love getting mail so I would've been delighted too! It's such a pretty collar!
xo Amanda

Brianna Wachter said...

Oh, that was so sweet of her! I love getting surprises in the mail :)

Elanor said...

what a sweet gift! i can't wait to see how you style the collar. :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Lucky you to have such sweet bloggy friends! ;) I love that collar, so lovely. Sigh.

Lizzie said...

What a lovely little gift! I always say it's the simple, little, sweet things that move me the most!

Teddi said...

that's what i was gonna ask is, when do we get to see how you wear it? i got it, later. ;) what a nice gift from kezzie. you must be over the moon, dear lauren.

Zane said...

adorable collar and what a thoughtful gift too

Kezzie said...

Oh I'm glad you received it. I sent 2 parcels to America at the same time and I worried that neither had arrived. Haven't heard about the other one yet! Also glad you liked it. What can I say- lace collars made me think of you!

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

How cute! Love this!

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