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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dainty Days.

Floral Dress: Forever21.
Tan Trench Coat: Kohl's.
Pink Satchel: Plato's Closet.
Tan Heels: Target.

Hello everyone!
It's uncharacteristic of me to wear a dress this short but this is one of my absolute favorite dresses I cherish. I've had it since the start of my blog and it was the dress I took my first serious outfit pictures in. Either I've grown taller or it's shrunk, but I just can't bare to let it go...I've worn it so many different ways; as a dress, skirt, shirt and to so many different places. Although it's getting too small I never want to stop wearing it! I'm thinking about doing a remix post with it tomorrow. Hm, we'll just have to wait and see!

With much love, Lauren.


Mila said...
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Mila said...
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Mila said...

Aww, this outfit is so sweet! I have some dresses like this one that I absolutely love, but are a little short. It's so hard to let them go! Thankfully, yours still looks adorable. It looks like your weather is beautiful right now, ours is too. I love your makeup in these photos, it looks natural and light--beautiful. :)


ps. sorry about the two deleted comments, I hadn't finished writing, and it somehow posted twice!

Unknown said...

Very cute! I know what you mean, I have a couple skirts like that, which I don't have the heart to give up. I keep throwing on tights and hope that it is still acceptable.


Teddi said...

laruen, do the remix post! :) if not tomorrow, then maybe another day?

Anonymous said...

Oh, you look amazing. Love the dress and the socks/heels combo. And please do the remix post! :)
xx Jane

Lizzie said...

Loving Forever21 right now! Love the soft floral patterns and sweet colors. Lovely post!

Maria- CityLaundry said...

oh my gosh! i want this outfit right now. you look like you just came out of a lovely spring catalog! i love the colors!


Zane said...

beautiful dress and that coat is really pretty too

Jana K said...

Agh, I LOVE this outfit, especially that dress. You look so pretty.

Katie Burry said...

Aw! What a lovely dress! I have a couple dresses that are too short for me (including my favorite dress *ever*) so you know what I did? I layer them over a longer skirt. It doesn't look nearly as dumb as it sounds. I think a white or cream one would work really well under that dress. ;)

Aliya said...

Oh what a beautiful dress! You look gorgeous in it and your bag is to die for! Such lovely pictures!

x Aliya

Unknown said...

This dress is so cute though! I love the floral print and the muted colors. Also, that pink satchel is just lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

I simply love this outfit! Very cute, I think a pair of saddle shoes would go great with it as well like the first pair of these on the site!!

katie said...

I really like how you rocked the knee socks, they look so sweet and soft with this dress. (And I'm dying over that lovely jacket.) Such cute pictures, you have such a beautiful face.

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