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Friday, March 9, 2012

Dying Sunsets.

Plaid Pussy Bow Blouse, Red Dress, Black T-Strap Heels, Pearl Earrings: All Thrifted.

Hello everyone!
I took these pictures two days ago on one of the most beautiful days we've had this year thus far. Nature has this most incredible power over me with its beauty. I was just so enamored by everything that surrounded me and it was such a surreal experience. I sat on the dock and looked out into the rippling water and the golden setting sun. The breeze was blowing my hair and the birds were chirping for the first time this year. I just felt so content. Like nothing in the world could harm me or bother me. Like all of the stress and worries I had in life didn't matter. I just wanted to sit there for hours and write in my diary and just...think. Truly one of the most real and sensational feelings I've felt in my life.

With much love, Lauren.


Gina said...

"Nature has this most incredible power over me with its beauty." --that's exactly how I feel! I love how you worded this sentence! :)

And this outfit is amazing, girl! So cute, I love the color of your dress!

xo, gina


Mila said...

I don't think I've ever seen someone who red suits so well! You look so pretty in it.

I love those days where the weather is just perfect. It really does put you in the best mood, and it makes life just so much better when you have time to go out and enjoy beautiful nature! I love it so much.


The Beatniq said...

You look great! It looks so pretty there!

Elizzabeth Hope said...

Love the two colors together! Print and solid and red! :D

XO, Lizz

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

These photos are my fave from you so far! I love them :)and I've been around for some time here, haha. Hope those sunny, spring-y times are here to stay! xo Nikki

Angel said...

what a great outfit. especially love that it was all thrifted. :]

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

Your blouse is beautiful, I love the pattern! Gorgeous shoes, too.

Catherine, XO.

Anonymous said...

Love this outfit...the bow blouse and t-bars are lovely :) I need some shoes like that....:P

Emily said...

Ohmygosh! You read my mind exactly! I love nature so much, I grew up around it because my mom is a naturalist so being outside is her job. I used to always hate that while all of my other friends could go inside whenever they got home from school and watch a movie, and I was "stuck" outside playing in trees and such. But now that I look back I'm so incredibly grateful that my mom did that. Nature is something that we shouldn't take for granted, but its such a beautiful thing.

Lovely outfit as well!

Victoria said...

You are such a beautiful person, Lauren. You never fail to inspire me. And I feel exactly the same way about nature. There's something about certain days that just seem to heal everything for a while. I hope you have another one of those days today!

Unknown said...

I love the layering of your shirt underneath the dress, it's so pretty! And nature truely does have such lovely calming effects

Lou xx
Bits & Bobs

Unknown said...

It has been beautiful out the past couple days, hasn't it? I know that I have been loving the weather in PA; I don't have to drive around with a bulky winter coat on.

I love your red dress, it is a great color on you.


Kezzie said...

Nature has that effect on me too! I like the tartan pussybow!

bonnie said...

i love the blur in the close-up, and i also love the entirely blurred picture. so cool. :)

Zane said...

wonderful combination, love the amazing hairdo as well

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

What a perfect transitional spring outfit! I'm in love with the pussy bow plaid blouse and the way you layered it under the red jumper. I also just wanted to let you know that I included two of your outfits in my weekly Vintage News, Links & Inspiration post again: http://thriftaholic.blogspot.com/2012/03/vintage-news-links-inspiration-of-week.html .

Elanor said...

this blouse is KILLING me. i adore it and you so much. :) <3 i hope your weekend was great!!

Unknown said...

I am just in love with those outfit. I don't know if it's because of the beautiful color combination or just well everything. The pairing of this red dress over your gorgeous tartan blouse is just lovely, and those t-strap heels are just adorable!

Unknown said...

Your plaid blouse looks wonderful underneath that pretty red dress! I really really like this.

Midwest Muse said...

I'm in love with this outfit. So much. I want it all.

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