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Monday, March 26, 2012

Double Trouble.

Floral Blouse, Floral Skirt, Pink Floppy Hat: Thrifted.
Beige cardigan: H&M.
Nude Oxfords: Forever21.

Hello everyone!
I'm usually one to never ever mix prints. I'm such a matchy matchy person to the core and the thought of mixing two completely different prints scares me to death. Since I feel most comfortable with floral prints though I thought I'd give mixing two floral prints a go. Not too awfully crazy about this outfit, but hey I tried! I think I'll just stick to my matchy matchy outfits. Totally fine by me

High school has been taking its toll on me lately. Not just with homework, but with the people, their actions, and the daily grind I must go through. I won't really go into detail about all thats been bothering me, but upon exiting high school and getting into the car today I just bursted into tears. Not really for any one particular reason, but just everything becoming overwhelming as a whole. I'm just so sick of this place and have never felt more miserable and confined. I know I'm so close to the end but it feels like so far away...I'm just going through the motions and walking through the halls like a zombie until May 25th. Then I can finally be free and start over my life anew at a fresh place where no one knows me and has judged me all these years.

Hope you all are doing well though!
With much love, Lauren.

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Katherine said...

oh i love the mix of prints here - it's perfect. literally. the colors, the softness, everything, to your adorable hat and shoes and the lovely little flower prints. your outfits are always stunning and inspiring.

it's hard for me to believe you are still in high school! you seem quite mature for it. i understand your feeling, i sadly got that throughout college and am just now getting out of that feeling you are describing. it got easier to be myself in college, yet my classes were so small it felt like high school again. i took charge and switched class sections and really tried to take ahold of things and surround myself by happy and uplifting people. i hope you can find the same thing! it does get better, or rather different, and definitely getting out of high school is a great thing! i'm excited for you!

<3 katherine

Unknown said...

Chin up dear! I know that these time suck right now, I completely understand, but you should definitely not wish away your high school days. Even though college is SO much better, (at least it is for me), high school is not going to happen again, so try to enjoy it while you can. It will make graduation so much better than it already will be!


Sara said...

you look totally adorable! i love your hat!


Teddi said...

i want that hat! very pretty dress too. when i looked back & read my high school journals, it was like reliving all that emotion all over again. it's tough. my boyfriends were all older, & i just wanted to go to college. :P

Joleena said...

you look so cute!! xx

Missy said...

You're looking great! Such a cute outfit, I'm glad you experimented with the mixed prints

xx Missy

Jennifer said...

I thought that was a whole dress until I read that you mixed the florals. I think you did a great job!

xo Jennifer


Unknown said...

Lauren, I love this outfit! I don't see how you don't like it. It's lovely. And I also graduate on May 25th. (=

Anonymous said...

Lauren, I love this outfit. I think its lovely.

I really hated high school. I was super uncomfortable with myself and had very little confidence. As soon as I got out I made the mistake of pushing everyone I knew from high school out of my life. Even people that had genuine liked me.

I think most people have a really difficult time in high school for different reasons. I'm not sure what your reasons are but I bet I can relate to the feelings your having. I think most everyone can. Unfortunately its one of those things where the best that can happen is stay focused on anything but whats bothering you. You have an amazing blog with tons of followers that think your taste and personality are worth checking out every single day. You get great opportunities likes styling for a fashion show! And your going to graduate high school soon, strong and mature and with already so much to be proud of.

You can handle the last few months :) There is so much more good in this world. And the great thing is, your still in the high school bubble. Soon you'll be in the real world. Where people love differences in one and another and you'll get to choose each and every person you let in your life.

Sasha said...

Adore your pastel hat! :) Hope you feel better sooner than 25th of Martch though! :)

Joana Clara said...

You are so lovely! ^^
Kisses from Portugal

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

I love this kind of subtle pattern mixing :) These florals match perfectly!!

So sad to hea about yet another bad day at highschool. I was really happy to get out of mine too, college changed everything for me. It was like the people suddenly were all mature and no one ever judged me anymore. Only one girl, but I got defended by all my newly made friends :) I truely hope and believe that this will come to you as well. You told us all about your new roommate so I'm confident good times are coming. You have to bite through this bullet. Only 2 months to go ♥

Elizabeth said...

I love it! I didn't notice you had to different patterns till I read your post. :) Your almost done with high school, you can do it. <3

Keep Shining, Lizzy <3

Kezzie said...

I thought they were a dress, not seperates! I do like this oufit! Very pretty and of course I adore the hat! (I wore my purple version of this hat yesterday- in post!)
It is a very pretty combo!

Hang on in there with the school! You can do it with God as your strength and shield!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, you're still pretty lucky, you're almost out of high school! Can't say the same for me. Just hang in there, you'll make it.
Love the dress BTW!

Hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog

wow jsut stumbled upon your blog. i love mixing patterns together lately! it's become my thing.

i hear you about highschool. so many people hate it. i never understood the whole "time of your life, best years of your life" sayings. Those should be reserved for university, and even then, your 20's are the go go years, after your done with school, homework, makin' money doing something you like, and no kids to worry about just spending and travelling and adventuring for yourself!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

Unknown said...

This is so feminine and pretty. Such a nice look for spring. I didn't even realize you had two floral prints on at first. They look so similar! But that just means they look great together!

katie said...

Yay for hats! You look so darling, I love the muted, soft pastel tones and that hat looks so lovely on you. Good luck with your last few months, everyone is sick of high school by the time graduation rolls around. (The emotions! I remeber being struck with fear, I was getting ready to move out and live on my own, holding down a job, getting ready for college and then I'd be so happy to graduate.) I hope these next months go fast for you!

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