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Monday, January 16, 2012


Hello there everyone!
I'm afraid I won't be around much this coming week in the blogsphere because I have dreaded mid-terms in school...Sigh. It's the week I dread all year long and just try and get through as quickly as I can. This year I have been rightfully terrible about studying...It seems that my senior year has brought out quite the procrastinator and slacker in me! I've spent all day *trying* to study but keep getting awfully distracted...Ahem, yes you Modcloth 70% off sale!

Anyways, I took outfit photos today but I am saving them for a guest post that will probably debut later this week! I've been meaning though to take pictures of just a few of my little collections though that I have around my room. My first obsession being lipstick! I know I haven't a lot, but within the past year or so I started collecting and cannot stop... The same goes for Revlon nail polish! Golly, they just have the prettiest colors

Hope to see you all tomorrow! If I don't, well, I've probably been taken over by books and papers, hehe.
With much love, Lauren.


claire said...

lovely photos! good luck on your midterms!

the funky fashionista said...

I love your rings! Especially that pale pink flower one! So cute! Are Revlon beauty products good? I'm 16 and just getting into makeup. I love the two pastel colors you have! so pretty! As for your lipsticks, I think you have a ton! I don't even own one lipstick.

Love you blog btw!


Is It Secret, Is It Safe said...

lovely pictures! and i think your collections are well within reason. :) your rings are so pretty!

Emily said...

Good luck on your midterms! (and drink LOTS of hot chocolate!) These pictures are lovely, I only wish that lipstick would look good on me, I am experimenting though! <3

Midwest Muse said...

So pretty! Do you actually get the revlon lipsticks to work? I bought one and it's a beautiful color, but such poor quality. :(

Elanor said...

I need to buy more nail polish and lipstick, as I'm definitely wearing both now. Those are some very pretty colors!

Bonnie said...

Good luck on the midterms! I know that is a stressful time of the year -- I know alllll tooooo welllll.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Hannah Meade said...

I LOVE the revlon nail colors, mostly the quick dry ones though!


Theresa said...

Love these photos! I'm now craving some new nailpolish, lipstick, and a box of chocolates. haha
Good luck with your midterms! xx

Mackenzie said...

Glad to see I'm not the only Revlon fangirl here! I love their lipstick and nail polish so much.

Unknown said...

Revlon polish is the best! My mom used it when I was young so I think she got me started on it! hehe. Good luck on mid-terms!!

Dale said...

Good luck doing your midterms. That sounds tough and I love your pics here. Gorgeous jewelry and the shades of polish and lipstick are perfect.


Roxanne said...

those rings are so adorable, I also love revlon lipsticks.. good luck on your midterms :)

btw- come drop by my blog if you have time and maybe follow each other if you like, thanks!


Life's a shoe said...

these are all so pretty! I love your lipstick shades!

Charlotte Adele said...

Lovely post, I adore Revlon nail polish too!


The PvdH Journal said...

Oh I spot there so many lovely things! Best of luck with exams!

(my first obsession also lipsticks ; )

Unknown said...

Good luck with exams! Hopefully see you on here soon :)


Unknown said...

Good luck with mid terms! Oh I wish I had a lipstick collection like yours! My prom is coming up and I wouldn't mind a new shade :) thank you for your sweet comment, you are very welcome to come to australia hehe

xx Carina

Is It Secret, Is It Safe said...

I love all the colors of your lipstick and nail polish! I have the same blue lagoon nail polish by Revlon. It's my favorite color to wear in the summer! And good luck with your mid-terms!

Laura said...

Beautiful photos! I love that cameo ring!


Zane said...

adorable rings, love them so much

Anonymous said...

Is that vintage jewelry? I love it! It's beautiful!Speaking of beautiful ,so are the chocolates, my mouth is watering uncontrollably. Better stop gaping at that chocolate box photo!

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