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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Watch Out, She's On the Road!

So adorable and girly! I love the convertible!

Strange, but cool! I think it would be cold in the winter time!
A stretch limo bug! My ride to prom?!
A Ying and Yang bug! Now, how exactly would you drive this one..?
Haha, this one cracks me up; a pig bug!
My boyfriend calls me a pig all the time, this would be perfect!
If this bug isn't from the 70's I don't know what is..
Purple is my favorite color! Perhaps I should paint my bug purple..
This bug looks like it should belong to Barbie! So cute!
This bug looks good enough to eat, haha!
My family has actually had the idea of doing this to my bug!
Currently, I have lady bug toys in my back window!
A turtle bug!? Not something you see everyday...
I am really wondering how someone made this!
So pretty! A rainbow bug would be fantastic to have!
I don't think I could ever have a bad day in this adorable flower adorned bug!

Well, I am proud to say that I am now a driver license holder! :) This morning I went to take my test and passed with flying colors! A few weeks ago I had gone to go take it; I passed the driving, but failed maneuverability. Today, however, I passed the maneuverability without getting any points taken off! I cannot tell you how excited I was!

Since my sixteenth birthday was in August,I've had my car for awhile. It's a little red VW bug with a moon roof! A beetle is the only car I could ever see myself driving, so I knew it was the kind of car I wanted. My dad had told me though that most VW's were standard, which meant I was going to have to learn stick shift! Now, I drive my bug no problem, and I love driving a standard car. I even took my test in my buggie :)

So in honor of getting my license, I wanted to do a post of some unique VW bugs that are out there. Some of them are unbelievable, but I will still always love my little red bug the best!

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