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Monday, March 1, 2010

From the Depths of My Closet..

Black Top Graphic Bottom Dress: Forever21.
Grey Cardigan: Kohl's.
Black Belt: Forever21.
Silver Necklace: Mom's.
Tights: JcPenny's.
Silver Pointy Flats: Target.
It has been ages since I have worn these silver flats, and this dress from Forever21! It is always so funny how when looking through your closet you find things that you forgot all about! This dress was bought at the beginning of the school year; I have only worn it once! These shoes were bought two years ago, but I hardly ever remember to wear them. I think something I should definitely try and do is wear all the poor clothes in my closet that don't get a chance at being out in public too often. I tend to often repeat certain items of clothing in my closet that are my favorite, who doesn't!? For now though, I think I will do some more "digging" for items in my closet I don't wear too often!
Oh, and P.S: Happy first of March! ( It was so bright out today, which is rather strange. Please forgive my squinty eyes and head that is turned away from the sun. Ha, we here in Ohio haven't seen the sun in a lonnggg time!)

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