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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm Jealous of My Sister's Doll..?

Anchor buttons. A big red bow. Sailor inspired.
Sometimes life just isn't fair. This certainly is the case because it is not fair that my sister and her doll have the PERFECT sailor dresses that I could only dream of owning. When I saw the little sailor dress (last picture) for my sister that my mom bought, I think my heart dropped for a quick second. Why don't they make adorable, cute, nautical dresses for big girls!? *pouty face*
I think I just about keeled over when I saw than that the dress my sister got had a matching miniature one for her doll; not even fair! I've been looking out for the perfect little sailor dress for years and the two sailor dresses are exactly what I am hunting for.
Sigh...perhaps someday soon I will find my perfect sailor dress. Until then, I'll still be jealous of Gracie and her oh-so-lucky doll! This has given me hope though that the perfect little sailor dress DOES in fact exist out there. I just need to find one in my size. :)

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