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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And the Favorite Oscar Dress Goes To..

...Rachel Mcadams! Now just because Rachel is my my favorite actress isn't the reason why her dress and whole look was my favorite from the Oscars. To simply put it; she just looked plain stunning! I cannot help but be supremely jealous of Rachel's natural beauty and superior sense of style. And her 2010 Oscar look? It has just made me more jealous than ever!

Her dress,that was designed by Elie Saab, is so exquisite... The bodice is so intricately woven and flatters Rachel to no end. The way the dress flows and lays combined with the water color like design is just simply breath taking. Rachel(or probably her stylist) did an amazing job with the hair and jewelry, too. Since the dress was so extraordinary on its on, I'm happy to see that Rachel's hair and jewelery did not try and compete Although the pieces were simple, they were still beautiful.
This red carpet look is definitely in my tops of all time favorites! :)

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