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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pictures From My Stomping Grounds..

Isn't this chandelier just breathtaking...?


I saw this jewelery box last week and still can't stop thinking about it... I can't get enough of the vibrant colored flowers!

I have a white vintage purse very similar to this! I think perhaps both might be from the 1950's?

Something I would love to hang in my room!

Ahh..clip on earrings. Perhaps my best friends! There must be 40 pairs of clip on earrings on this twirling stand. At $2.00 a pair it's hard to resist!

I think these little napkins that What Goes 'Round has laid out by the coffee and cookies are just hilarious and darling at the same time!

Some stunning dining table attire that would just be lovely to have tea and brunch on a patio in the summer with..

A hat box! Now that's what I call fabulous and practical! This is what I need to put some of my vintage hats in.

For the last few months I have seen this purse at the store and everytime I wish I could buy it! It seems to be in mint condidtion, and would be the perfect pieceto add to my wardrobe. :)

And what do you know...today I found a dress that matches the purse exactly! This item is actually the only one in the pictures I bought today. For $1, I couldn't pass it up! The fit is amazing, a size 4 petite, which is a size I do not find too often in thrift stores. Usually everything is ginormous!

Sorry that some of the pictures are a bit blurry.. It's a good thing I always take outfit pictures with a tripod! My little thrifting expedition was a blast today again. The ladies who work in the store are starting to recognize me as a regular now! I went back to the store today to get a necklace that caught my eye a few weeks back. I thought long and hard about getting it, and decided it would look marvelous with my prom dress! While I was at the store, of course I couldn't help looking around hehe. I was glad that I stumbled upon the blue dress, and SUPER DUPER glad I asked what the price was. Originally the tag said $5, but all winter clothing was on sale for a $1. Cool!

I will have to get some pictures up soon of the necklace I bought! :)

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What a cool store... I love the color of that dress. Can't wait to see the post for it.

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