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Monday, March 29, 2010

Sorry,My Parents Don't Let Me Date Anyone Over 17...

1940's Hat: Vintage store.
Cream Lace Tank: Thrifted.
Grey Pleated Skirt: Thrifted.
1940's Grey Cropped Jacket: Vintage Store
Cameo Clip On Earrings: Thrifted.
Pearl Necklace: Kohl's.
Black T-Shoes: Target.
Today is something I can check off on my list of "weird things that happened in my lifetime." lol. *Drum roll please...*I WAS HIT ON BY A MAN FIVE TIMES MY AGE! (Hysterical laughing placed here, followed by a grossed out face.) Here's how the story goes...
My grandmother, sister, and I ventured out to our local Volunteers of America today to do a little thrifting. I found some shoes I liked and sat down on a couch to try them on. A little old man came up to me while I was sitting down and was holding a glass bowl.
"I'm looking for someone to tell me how much this is." he says to me.
"Oh, I wouldn't know," I said. " I have only been here twice."
"Those are some pretty shoes you're trying on there."
I replied back,"It doesn't seem like anyone of them are really fitting me."
Anyways, the conversation goes on like this for awhile, and then somehow he gets on the topic that he isn't married.
" Yeah, all the good ones are taken," he says.
Me trying to be nice: " Oh, I'm sure you'll find someone."
"Are you taken?" he asks me.
I wish I could have seen my face when he asked me this.
" Yes...I am taken..."
I got up to leave, but then he says to me;
" You're beautiful. Very Beautiful."
That was my cue to walk away!!!
I've had plenty of people, old and young, tell me I look nice in my vintage clothes; however, no one has ever taken it that far! Today I swore that some other old guy whistled at me, and the guy working at McDonald's wouldn't stop staring! Jeez, you would think I had on booty-shorts, and a top that showed just about everything. There were some people who were nice though; a few women really liked my outfit, and even recognized it as vintage!
Believe it or not, today is the first time I have ever worn one of my vintage hats out into the public besides church. I am always so afraid that people will think I'm weird,but it was actually the opposite. People were really nice! If feel if I can effect just one person with my clothes, it's enough for me :)
Anyways, at the Volunteers of America I actually ended up getting a cute little pair of tan basket weave flats. They will be absolutely perfect for summer. They are just what I have been looking for; small heel, neutral shade, and quirky. While at JcPenny's I was flipping through the clearance rack when I stumbled upon the most darling purple coat. Against my protests, my grandmother bought the coat, saying "it was too good to pass up." I am terrible at describing things, so a picture will do the coat better justice. I'm hoping I can get pictures up ASAP!

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Mila said...

Love the outfit. That is so hilarious/creepy about the old man!!!

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