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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hats and Houndstooth...

(My little sister in my hat! I swear she cannot look bad in anything!)
Yesterday was my first experience driving alone to someplace other than school and my boyfriend's house. Where do you think I might have gone? Shopping of course! :)
My favorite thrift store, What Goes 'Round, is having a winter sale right now; everything is $1! How can you say no to that!? So yesterday I ventured out into the pouring, ice cold rain to find some deals lol. It was well worth getting soaked to the bone though, I found two great things!
My favorite would have to be the hat. I literally gasped when I saw this hat just perched upon an old chair. The sales lady said it had come in the day before; my lucky day! Although it is not vintage, I still love the hat dearly. It has a vintage feel to it, and it's hard not to love lace, satin, and a wide brim all in one. For $3 I felt I was stealing this hat from the store.
Also, I got the houndstooth skirt in the above pictures for just a dollar! It fits like a glove and looks much better on than in the pictures. I went to my school's play last night and just had to take it out. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures. I am planning on wearing it soon this week though!
I think yesterday was really the first time that I got to take my time and actually look at EVERYTHING in a thrift shop. Every time before now I have been rushed, or my mom had to go somewhere, so I could not take my time and look. I was so happy though I wanted to cry when I went out thrfiting yesterday. It's like a high to go into a thrift store and see all the special treasures that are one of a kind. With thrift shopping, you never know what kind of treasure will appear right before your eyes. There is something truly magical about thrift shops that I cannot describe. There's just something about old things that makes me giddy!
Yesterday I found a lot more special treasures that I did not get to take home, but here is a little description of some...
  • There was a big box of old 1950's Ladies Home Journal magazines that were beyond fantastic! The clothes features were so inspirational...and some of the ads were hilarious! Perhaps for only $5 I can get one sometime..
  • A brown floppy vintage hat. As you know I have been on a great expedition for a straw hat and this one comes close to my expectations. However, it had a veil covering the top part that was ripped, so I had to pass. It was still gorgeous though!
  • There was this remarkable satin floral jewelry box that I cannot get out of my mind. I believe it was from the 1970's. The inside was lined with red satin;the box would truly be perfect to hold the rest of my jewelry!
  • A dress made from Hawaii that was one of a kind. The colors were so bright and vibrant, and the shape was just too darling. I really hope to go back for the dress. It was $14, which is not bad at all, but I'm such a cheap-o!
  • There were these very interesting vintage head pieces. They were not hats, but just decorative veils that you slipped over your head. One that really caught my fancy was a white one with a bow on the top. I almost looked like a bride in though actually!
  • A little pair of rose clip on earrings were really catching my eye.
  • Still the necklace I talked about last week with gold and pearls is at the shop. I definitely know I am going back to get it so I can wear it to prom. Mom always says, " if your still thinking about a piece a week later, then you like it enough to get it!"

All of these wonderful items will hopefully keep me in a dream land for this week because.... I have the dreaded OGT. The OGT stands for the Ohio Graduation Test that all sophomore students in Ohio must take in order to graduate. All this week I will be taking the tests in every subject, and it is alright to say I am absolutely dreading the tests. Sigh...it's going to be a long week!


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I Love hats!!! Time to start your hat wall. Your little sister is beautiful, future fashionista, I'm sure!
Good Luck with the OGT, I'm sure you'll ace it.


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