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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Surprise Snow Storm;and Indian Princess Returns!

Maxi Dress: JcPenny's.
Brown T-Shirt: Vanity.
Gold Gladiator Sandals: Forever21.
Golf Headband: Gabriel Brother's.

So out of the blue tonight it just starts snowing, and not little flurries either! It starts snowing huge snowflakes,coming down so fast it look like Ohio had turned into Alaska. Weather truly is phenomenal...last week it was gorgeous out; sunny and warm. Tonight it's like it is the middle of Winter, not the beginning of Spring! It is snowing so much out that we might even get a snow day tomorrow... Ha, the ironic thing is that tomorrow is my last day before I start my spring break.. Jeez, a blizzard on spring break!

This photo was taken quite awhile back actually. I was just experimenting with some different outfits, and I came across making this one. This outfit is sort of Native American Indian inspired. I am actually 1/16 Cherokee Indian, even though I do not look it the slightest bit. The only time my Indian heritage appears is in the summer time; I never burn, I only get extremely tan! I am proud of my heritage though, it makes me into who I am today. However, I always did wish I was something really interesting...like Latina, Oriental, or African American.

My dad always jokes and says that I get the Indian from mom's side, and his side... I get Kentucky Hillbilly! Lol! Oh father, you crack me up sometimes... :)

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