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Thursday, March 18, 2010

In A Rather Blissful Mood.

Brown Stripped Shirt Dress ( Belt came with): Kohl's.
White Socks: Mom's.
Red "Knock-off Keds": Wal-Mart.
Pearl Necklace: Thrifed.

Today was actually a fantastic day... Maybe it's the weather, sunny and warm lately. Or the fact I haven't had much homework lately. Who really knows, but I've been oddly happy lately. It sounds weird to say that I've been happy lately, but so much of my life consists of boring things that make me unhappy: school, homework, being a social outcast pretty much at school lol.

I'm not saying by any means I talk to no one at school and everyone hates me. It's just that I do not exactly fit in too well at my extremely preppy school. It seems if you walk the hallways of my high school that you will see a bleach blonde, Hollister wearing, prep everywhere you look. I'm not bashing the people at my school, that just actually how they all look. At school I am extremely quiet, and I have a few close friends, but beyond that my social network is nonexistent. I used to have a problem with not having many friends, but as the years have gone by I've learned to accept it. I am a shy and introverted person by nature. I enjoy being by myself rather than with a group of people.
Maybe that's why I have never been invited to a party, or invited to "hang out" with someone. I have had one boyfriend my entire life; the current one I have. I'm sure if I was ever faced with as social situation,like at a party, I would feel hopelessly awkward and would not know what to do. But you know what? All of that I don't really care about anymore. I spent the longest time being someone I wasn't, and up until about a year or so ago I finally became comfortable with myself. I'm really glad I have too, it's always nice to be yourself :)

Oh dear! Sorry for that little spiel. I'm not sure where that really came from! Anyways, from a fashion stand point I loved my outfit that I wore today. These pictures were taken yesterday actually, but I wore this outfit to school today. Typically I try not to repeat an outfit ever, but this one I wore around this time last year. Strangely, I remember having a fantastic day when I wore it last year, and I had a great day wearing it today, as well. Maybe it's a lucky outfit!?
I was so very pleased when I walked into English class this morning that my teacher recognized that I was going for a vintage look. I was extremely flattered! It made my day to have someone see that I have a passion for vintage things!
It's probably shocking to see my wearing tennis shoes, isn't it? These, and an identical purple pair, are the only pairs of tennis shoes I own. (besides running shoes, of course!) I like heels so much more though. I feel as though tennis shoes make my already stumpy legs look even stumpier. Heels allow my legs to look more long and lean, and they also help my 5'3 frame look taller! I must admit, it was nice to have a little change though today. : )


Mila said...

I love your outfit! About the whole outcast thing: I feel the same way. Even though I wear clothes that I love, they make me feel great...until I walk down the hallway at school. I too have some close friends, but they are friends with other people who think I'm weird. Which, what if I am? So what?:D I love the warm weather!!


I've been out of school a long time... With that being said, I do remember feeling as you do...sigh. finding people who also have a passion for what you love. They are out there..
Being alone, doesn't mean your lonely... Be yourself and everything will fall into place.


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