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Monday, March 8, 2010

Is Spring On Its Way?

Black Pencil Skirt: Macy's.
Grey Cardigan Shrug: Old Navy.
Cream Lace Tank: Thrifted.
Cameo Necklace: Thrifted.
Cream Bow Headband: Forever21.
Cream Bangle: Forever21.
Gold Bracelet: Stolen from mom!
Gold Shoes: Thrifted.
Gold and Pearl Earrings: Thrifed.
I have been horridly busy lately; having hardly any time to do blog posts! This last weekend was especially busy... On Friday night I went to Districts with my school band to compete. We were one of the three bands who scored ones! ( A one is the highest rating, and called superior.) Since we scored a one on all of our pieces, we get to move on to state, which is very exciting! I was scared to death when we had to sight read music Friday night, but it actually turned out better than I thought it would!
Then, of course, Saturday I took my driving test, and also it was my uncle's birthday. My uncle is Italian so we had delicious Italian pasta, sauce, and meatballs! Some of the best I would say I have ever had! For desert there was a deadly double chocolate bunt cake. Oh dear... :)
Sunday was equally busy as the rest of my weekend, for I had to teach three year olds at church that morning. Oh, how much fun it was to try and get three year olds to string Fruit Loops on string without them eating the cereal, lol. When I came home from church it was homework time, and I'm sure you can imagine that's just want I wanted to do with my Sunday.
Since I've been so busy, I have tons of posts and pictures that need blogged about! Here's a list of some upcoming posts...
  • Favorite Oscar Gowns!
  • A ruffled flower outfit from last Friday.
  • A set of three different posts on the wedding dress my grandmother altered for me. I created three different vintage ways to style it!
  • A little post on the spring items I have gotten recently that I have not gotten to wear since it is too cold. ( my new romper and maxi dress!)
  • Inspirational photos for this week! I did not get to post any last Sunday.

    As you can see, I will be a very busy blogger this week! I have tons of wonderful things to share!

P.S. It was 50 degrees here today! That may be a record for Ohio this early, ha! Now more than ever I want to wear my spring items of clothing..


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You always looks so chic!!!
Can't wait to the restyled wedding dress....

56 degrees here as well, loving it...


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