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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sparkling Princess Jewels..

(Drum roll please!) This would be the necklace I thrifted the other day! Isn't it gorgeous? I feel like a proud mama showing off her new child lol. The necklace isn't very old. I think it's actually some type of modern costume jewelry. That doesn't matter to me ,however, since it's exactly what I was looking for to put with my prom dress!
Since my dress is sort of simple, I wanted a stunning necklace to be a main focus. The necklace was perfect when I laid my eyes on it! It is amazing that all the little "diamonds" were still intact in the necklace;something that doesn't usually happen when I thrift jewelry. In the picture above are the earrings I believe that I'm going to wear with the necklace. At What Goes 'Round there were matching earrings to the necklace, but they were for pierced ears. :( I think that the pair I already have will go excellent with it though!
It's taking all of my power not to wear this necklace to school...I have the horrible habit of always wearing my new things as soon as I can, lol. Oh, and not for just one day... or not just two days...but usually three days in a row! I just can't help myself when I add something new to my wardrobe, but this must be hidden away in my room until May 1st.
I did cheat a bit though I must admit... I wore it to church yesterday.. ;)
P.S. I'm wearing my new blue sheath dress tomorrow!

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