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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Romantic Lace and Gold Shoes..

Across the street from the licensing building, my favorite thrift store, What Goes 'Round, sits amidst old city buildings. Since Saturday I was out getting my license, I thought, " Why not stop by!?"
As always, something magical catches my eyes when I walk into the store. This store is so unexplainable... I could literally spend hours looking for treasures! Anyhow, quite a few things caught my attention, but only two of my treasures could come home with me! The first piece is the beautiful lace shirt in the pictures above. Never before have I found a shirt at a thrift store to fit me. It's always skirts, dresses, and shoes that I buy! I was over the moon when I happened upon this little gem; which looks fantastic with just about anything I put with it! It's probably one of my best thrift finds yet at only $4! Also, I have been looking for some little gold pumps, and the ones in the pictures above were just calling my name.. There we some other really great shoes at the thrift store , one pair in particular were from Saks Fifth Avenue! I was going to get them ( they were only $3 for Pete's sake!); however, there was a silk bow that would not lay flat on either shoe. Not sure whether it could be fixed or not, I left the shoes behind. :(
Also,while plinking around, I stumbled upon an exquisite gold and pearl necklace! I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful this necklace was. The only words I can say is that it was fit for a queen! I think sometime I am going to go back and get it, for it would look great with my prom dress this year!
The past few times I've been to What Goes 'Round, a little blue quilted purse has been catching my eyes. It's adorable; small , but not too small, and reminds me of a Chanel purse. A gold long gold chain makes it so the purse hangs low, and the color is so unique and out of the ordinary! I feel like every time I should snatch it up because I never know when it will be gone. I wouldn't want another straw hat incident.. :(

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Romantic, darling... Thrifting is so much fun!!!


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