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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Inspirational Photos #3.

This week's inspirational photos are by a photographer named Nina Leen. I think that these two photos that she took are just breathtaking... There is something so intriguing and similar about the two; both ladies are taken with their back toward the camera, in beautiful dresses, looking into a mirror. I don't know, could this be the signature "thing" Nina Leen did with her photographs? Whatever it is, she sure took some beautiful photos of these 1950's models! I wish I could steal both of the dresses and wear them to prom...tehehe. Lace and polka dots; two of my favorite things!

Today was actually a fantastic day;however, I'm dreading going back to school. This morning I swam for diabetes, where I collect pledges for all the laps I swam. I hadn't been in the pool to swim laps since my swim team ended in July. Ouch,my arms are sure paying for it now! Also, today I got to spend alot of time with my boyfriend which was really nice since we have both been so busy lately. Oh, and my dad fixed the most delicious sticky bread tonight! I could hardly keeps my hands off...hehe.

I'm super excited for some blogging I have planned in the future, and near future. My grandmother just finished altering a 1960's wedding dress I gave to her a few weeks ago, and it's all ready to be worn! The dress came about from Halloween this year, where I was a bride, and my boyfriend my groom. For weeks before Halloween I scourged every thrift store in my town until I came upon the dress...for only $8! It was a huge hit at school, but sadly I do not have any "before" pictures to post on the dress. My grandmother shortened it, so rather than being full length it now touches my knees.

Also, she tucked the fabric under the arms, for it was a bit too big. Overall, it looks like a completely different dress! I'm so excited to wear it because there are three different vintage ways I want to style it. One way with black accessories, one way with red, and one way with light pink. I can hardly wait! :)

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