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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Inspirational Photos #2.

The pictures I have in this week's inspiration post are of the beautiful 1950's model, Dovima.. While scanning through pictures last weekend to do an inspiration post, I came across a whole set of her photos and fell in love with how her beauty was captured in old photos. Sadly, all the pictures I saved of her for some reason did not end up saving, and I could not do a post last week. However, I was bound and determined to hunt down some of the photos from last week so I could do a post on them this week!
Dovima did not start her life out being a model, but she was actually discovered by a Vogue photographer on the streets of New York. Her first and most famous picture is the third one above, titled " Dovima with the Elephants," and there are actually prints of the picture in The Metropolitan Museum. For the shoot, Dovima wore a Dior gown, which was the first evening dress designed by his assistant at the time, Yves St. Laurent. Unfortunately, Dovima died in 199o at the young age of 62, from liver cancer.
Dovima was considered the super model of the 1950's, and I must agree! She is beyond beautiful, and is such a phenomenal inspiration from the 1950's.

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