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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One Gorgeous Dress; Two Looks!

Vintage look with the rose dress.

Sophisticated look with the rose dress.

Imagine how thrilled I was this morning to find out that we had a snow day again! Two days in a row :) Everything in my town is now covered in a soft, sparkling, blanket of white fluff! Tomorrow it looks like I will be going back to school though. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!

Isn't the rose dress I have pictured above just fabulous?! So many outfits I could put together with it came to my mind, so I decided to post two of the looks I envisioned. The first one is a lovely vintage look complete with a cloche hat and lace up oxfords! Oh, how I covet the everything...
The second look is not a way I particularly would style the dress, for I am more girly, but how I wish I had the nerve to style! I've always admired girls who look like they just threw something on that morning and looked fabulous going out the door. They always have that chic city look that I wish I could pull off. Something I've been wanting lately to add to my wardrobe is a black boyfriend blazer like the one pictured. Boyfriend blazers seem like they would add an interesting spice to any outfit!
Some day soon I am hoping to do a little post on a spring wish list I have.. Also, I am going to post tomorrow pictures I took today of my outfit! I actually had fun trying to find interesting places to take pictures inside my house since it was too cold and snowy outside. For the most part, I think they turned out rather nice :)
Oh, P.S: The DQ in my town opened today! I'm just dying to go and get some ice cream even though it's freezing cold hehe.

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