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Monday, February 15, 2010

A Small Expediton But With Great Rewards.

No school today, for it was President's Day! Most of my morning consisted of yucky homework...not something you want to do on your day off. My mom did take me today to my favorite thrift store in the downtown area called What Goes Around. My great-aunt,who volunteers at the store, called me today to say that the store had gotten in a gorgeous shift dress. Of course, I had to check it out for myself!
The dress was, like she had said, beautiful. The pictures do not do the dress any justice, I cannot wait to post some pictures up of me actually wearing the dress! The fit is perfect except it is slightly too large underneath the arms, but I can have that taken in by a seamstress. Also at the thrift store I got a new pair of clip on earrings for $3. I just can't get enough of big pearl earrings; they are my favorite :)
As if I was not estatic enough with my great thrift finds, one of the women who works at the store asked me if I would like to be a model for an upcoming fashion show the store is having. Each model gets to create some outfits from the store's clothes and assecsories, then wear it to a luncheon benefit to show people all of the fantasic things you can find in What Goes Around. Of course I said yes, I was flabbergasted and flattered! I am extremely excited and am already putting together some outfits to wear in my head..
Now, you're probably wondering why I have a picture of the key necklace, right? Well, it is actually the necklace I talked about in my Tiffany Key post a few weeks ago; I finally found it! The funny thing is that I wasn't even searching for it. I was picking out some pictures because my sister needed to take some into school, a low and behold it was in the picture box! What a funny place for it to be... Unfortunately, the chain is extremely knotted up and will need some untangling. It can be done though, which is fantastic!

Supposedly Ohio is going to get more snow tonight...Perhaps another snow day tomorrow? A delay would be just perfect in my opinion! We only have two more freebie snow days left until we will have to make up school in June. Who wants to do that!?

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