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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Seeing In Black and White.

Grey 1940's Dress and Jacket: Vintage Store.
Black Velvet and Pearl Hat: Gift from grandmother.
Black T-Strap Heels: Target.

This little number would be one of the few actual vintage dresses that I own! Each one of my vintage dresses are so special to me..I feel like all of them tell a story that modern clothes cannot. The dress in the pictures I got a little less than a year ago from the only authentic vintage store I know around called A Stitch in Time. It caught my eye on a rack of equally beautiful dresses, but when I tried it on I was won over; it fit like it was made for me! Ever since then, I have felt a special connection with this dress even though I do not get to wear it too often. I'm afraid of getting extremely judgmental glances from my peers. Hopefully someday I will get the guts to wear my little beauty to school.
As for the hat, up until now I had never actually worn it! My grandmother had given it to me as a gift at my last big swim meet in July. As you may imagine, I was so excited to get another hat to add to my collection except, there was one problem.. the hat would not stay upon my head! This was upsetting to me and every now and then I would try the hat on again a different way to see if it would stay on. Each time no such luck. The other day, however, I tried the hat on and had a great idea to pin it with bobby pins. IT WORKED! :) Now the hat may rest on top of my head forever more...

For some very very odd reason I have been wanting to watch The Notebook lately..It is actually what inspired me to do this outfit,and also the one I will be wearing tomorrow. I love The Notebook not for the same reason as most,which is that it is a fairy tale love story. ( Although the story is amazing!) The reason I like the movie so much is because of the clothes..which are absolutely, with out a doubt stunning! I wish I was Allie Hamilton every time I watch the movie! I cannot get enough of all the ingenious outfits Rachel Mcadams wears to play Allie throughout the movie. Every time I watch it, I get really jealous...I do not believe that I have ever wanted to be someone more. And the saddest part? The character isn't even real, lol. Wow, I really am pathetic..
Tomorrow though, the writer of The Notebook ,Nicholas Sparks, has another movie coming out that you may of heard called Dear John. It looks like a really great movie, hopefully sometime in the near future I can go see it. It's looking like a winner to me!
Oh, oh, oh, and need I mention that we're supposed to get a TON of snow tomorrow! Yippee! Supposedly it should be coming late afternoon ; all twelve inches. We shall wait and see if the weather men are right..

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