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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Rather Strange Little Incident..

Blue Turtleneck: Forever21.
Black Rainbow Stripe Skirt: Vintage Store.
Black Belt: Kohl's.
Red Beret: Target.
Black Tights: JcPenny's.
Black T-Strap Shoes: Target.
White Bead Necklace: Mom's.
Just two days ago I had something that has never before in my life happen; I fainted! I had not been feeling well all Tuesday, I was extremely nauseous. That night, I tried getting a hot bath to soothe my stomach, but the bath only ended up making me feel worse... I got out of the bath tub, for I thought I was going to get sick, and I just remember everything going black. The next thing I knew, I was half way down the steps outside of the bathroom with my dad holding me up from falling the whole way! It was a shocking and strange experience that was not particularly pleasant and not something I would ever like to experience again. From the time where I blacked out, to when I woke up in my dad's arms I cannot remember anything. It's a scary thing fainting!
Anyways, after that event everything had been quite uninteresting in comparison; however, I have an extremely busy weekend coming up. All of my family is coming to my house tomorrow to celebrate my dad's 50th birthday! It will definitely be a full house, and very chaotic with everyone running around in close quarters. Saturday,I will be celebrating Chinese New Year at a Chinese buffet with my family and a group we belong to called the Mothers with Asian Children. ( My sister is adopted from China) I'm looking forward to going ,for I get to wear a beautiful red Chinese dress that I thrifted back in October. I have been waiting for months for this occasion. :)
P.S. Look at the picture above of the tree I took today. Isn't itbeautiful all the ice the tree has on it? Oh, how the world has so many wonderful little things!

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