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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Key Necklace.

I used to have a key necklace I wore all the time. It was my favorite piece of jewelry and I wore it nearly everyday whether it was tucked underneath my dress or sparkling proudly around my neck. 

Two Christmases ago I received it and I remember the person who bought it looked so long and hard for the perfect one. The person knew how much I had wanted one. I remember opening the little white box tied with a black and white bow. And there it was. A glistening, delicate key necklace. The one I always imagined owning.

I wore the necklace for two years before I had to give it back to its owner. It just hurt too much and held too many memories that deserved to be thrown away with it. I've missed that necklace so much and always wished I still had it. Always dreaming of buying myself a new one to replace it.

For Christmas this year I had a little white box under the tree from my aunt. I opened it up with unassuming eyes, ready to see a pretty piece of jewelry. But it just wasn't that. It was a key necklace. A beautiful, heart shaped, little key necklace to replace the one I had to give back. 

I don't know why, but I started crying right there in front of all of my family's gazing eyes. The emotions just came on so suddenly, unexpectedly from this little piece of silver that represents so much of my past and everything I've been through in these last few months.

It's my favorite gift I got. So special and meaningful. I haven't taken it off since I received it. 

It's perfect.

With much love, Lauren.

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